Thursday, September 22

Many Thanks

We arrived during the early days of summer, a little sad to leave our island life behind and a bit uneasy about the future, relying on our faith in the universe, each other, and our families to help us through. Having no doubt that everything would work out, as it always does.

And we were not let down. Like always, life kept moving at a rapid pace and as I look back, I realize how much we have accomplished, how much we have grown. 

Our incredible girls fell right in and quickly learned the ways of an Indiana summer, our healthy baby boy was born, a Dad went away and went to work, strength was found, a birthday was celebrated, discoveries of big living were made, independence was gained, memories were shared, sibling bonds grew, and though some of the days were long and we felt so far apart, I think we've made it. 

Autumn is here, the corn is tall, and its time to go and do it all again, Louisiana style. I am so glad we got to enjoy these last few days of Indiana at her best. I am confident that the drastically different places their parents are from now hold a special place in these girls' hearts. Many thanks to our family, the friends we've made, and to you, Indiana, for the memories. You have been nothing but good to us. Until next time...xoxo.

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