Thursday, September 15

For the Love of Music

I am starting to build my arsenal of things to occupy the kids with in preparation for our epic mini van adventure south. (Any suggestions from well seasoned road trippers would be greatly appreciated). My first go to item, of course, is music. All of my childhood roadtrips were spent in the back seat with my siblings in the company of some good music. So, I feel it is my duty to carry on this family tradition. The right way. 

The issue of what music to expose my children to had not even entered my mind until after I became a mother, but I think it is an important one, a parental duty. 

Music can take you places, help you understand situation, set the mood, inspire, get you going, comfort, make you smile, and make you move it, movie it. And like anything, I want my kids to be exposed to it all. Lucky for them, they come from a reggae loving Momma and a reggae, steel pan, quadrillequelbe loving island, country and western dancing island grandparents, a hip hop finger snapping Nana, and a once upon a time Grateful Dead following turned rock loving Dad, so I think we have the range of music genres pretty much covered. I mean, when they are teens, will their peers even know who the Grateful Dead are? Just in case, our children won't be left in the dark.

But the issue with music becomes how much is too much? How much and what are they acutally listening to? Are the lyrics really sinking in? I find the answer simple. Feed them goodness, always, even in music. If goodness is running through their heads then what can come out but, you know, goodness. Luckily, prior to having kids, I held this same philosophy so my music stores of "kids tunes" were pretty much already in place. Because come on, a mom can only listen to "Wheels on the Bus" so many times before she wants to repeatedly start banging her head against the steering wheel/wall. 

Some of my favorite times with my mom (and grandma) were spent all out jammin' to some tunes in the car and at home. My first concert (REM) and the discovery of the magic of live music was spent in the company of my parents, bobbing our heads to the same beats. I can't think of a greater or sillier way to bond with children then to share in the love of music. 

So with that being said, here is my (and the kids') Top 5, All Time Favorite Kids Albums, and ones that we often rock and will most definitely be blastin' next week when we embark on our adventure. 

Number One. "I Love You Too".
Number Two. This was on repeat for a good six months in our truck. I can now sing "Rubber Ducky" in Chinese.
Number Three.

 Number Four. So calming this one, good background music.
 Number Five. A little country but still great.
One of Nyah's favorite songs is Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" and I mean, why not? I can't think of a better message to give a girl.

I will leave you with one of the greatest kids songs of all time. So go ahead...Turn. It. Up. Your children will thank you.


  1. What about that piano playing miniature Lady Gaga Nyah loved so much? She hasn't released a single yet? I'm sure it would be at the top of Nyah's list!

  2. This one!?
    Yes, this little genius definitely needs to release a single, actually, I am begging her because I think original Gaga version kind of scares Nyah. Yeah, she's a little sheltered!

  3. I just linked it up top. Thanks for reminding me...and Nyah thanks you for knowing her so well!

  4. haha! I am so glad you mentioned Gaga because I was going to say, Nora loves Gaga! It's just so dance-y (not a word, I know) what about some Beatles? Especially old school -- I wanna hold your Hand, all you need is love, etc -- or grab the LOVE soundtrack. I wish I was still in Frankie, I could load you up with some Beatles goodness for free :)

  5. Yes, the Beatles would definitely fit right in with our girls. Nyah has heard "All You Need is Love" once and it really sunk in. Gotta load up! Thanks for the suggestion & glad you can relate to the Gaga thing.


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