Wednesday, April 25

Road Trip

The kids and I decided make a mad dash to Indiana last week after receiving the sudden news of a death in the family. After just a day of planning and packing the four of us loaded up and embarked on the 800 mile journey to the heartland, on a mission to hug our Grandmother. 

My phone blew up with text messages about how crazy I was, and why, and let us help. But somehow I just knew everything would be okay, and that this would be added to the fun adventures I've had with my kids. And as it happens, everything was just fine.

Our trip to Indiana was easy, no crying, no fits thrown, and only one accident by Elsa who decided to inform me that she had to go when she actually had to go and left me no time to speed to the nearest interstate exit. 
Though we weren't in Indiana for the best of reasons, we actually were. To pay respects, to show our love and support. So behold, all of my grandmother's grandchildren (minus a few spouses), and few of her great grandchildren who all rallied around her in her time of need. What an accomplishment.
So we enjoyed every single bit of cousins, family, and Indiana in the spring. 
And then we had to drive home, something I wouldn't allow myself to think about until that morning arrived. And with my concern that the girls didn't drink enough water on the trip there, I packed cute little plastic water bottles for them, something they never have. And oh did they love them, as in we had to stop for a bathroom break every hour love them. 

But fourteen hours later, we made it. To our home, a place I hadn't realize I was so fond of and really so attached to. It was such a breath of fresh air to walk into our little spot in this world. And to see George, who's relaxing weekend ended the moment we stepped through the door, much to his delight.

Wednesday, April 11

His Ninth Month (+2 Weeks)

Woah am I late on this one. Jude is nine months old and is becoming more of a boy by the day. He has started biting us with his mouth full of teeth, banging on things and being noisy, pulling Elsa's hair out by the hand full (it's quite sad, poor girl), chasing his sisters with his army crawl type crawl, drawing attention to himself at the dinner table, and keeping his parents up all night. Yes, still. 

Jude still nurses like it's his job and isn't too interested in baby food, crackers are his fav. He wears clothes made for a twelve month old, plays peek a boo, and has the cutest, deepest, growl of a giggle. 
This month he celebrated his first Easter, went for his first swing, and spent a week with his Nana.
Most nights, after the girls go to bed and before he starts his middle of the night rally, I get overcome by his cuteness. He is so active at this time, calling for, "Dada," doing his caterpillar crawl (as Nyah calls it), biting me and giggling after, and I just can't take it all. He is so wonderful and I wonder what we ever did without him? 

And I keep getting this little feeling that he might be the comedian of the family and thats all right with me. Because the more he smiles the better.
And a video but please ignore my annoying voice. I just can't seem to help myself.

Sunday, April 8

Our Weekend in Photos

The weather is great down here, as I'm sure it is in most of the country, and Caribbean. We have been taking full advantage and spending most of our days outside because as I have been warned, soon it will be too warm and humid to do so. 
"Mom, we have a pool, right? Just not one of those big ones like other people." Love her positive outlook on things.
We are still discovering the area and ventured out to a new park on Saturday and oh was it wonderful. Nature and a lake and interesting play equipment. Jude went for his first swing and giggle more than ever. Video to come in the next post.
Doing the Easter egg thing. Wait, you don't dye eggs in your swimsuit?
 And finally, Easter morning. The Easter rabbit was good to his girls.
 And boy.
We are happy anytime we have George home for an extra day and this weekend was not exception. Hope you are enjoying the season as much as we are.

Thursday, April 5

A Week With Nana

Equals a week of total indulgence. Shopping, many meals out, naps, candy, date night, Whole Foods shopping spree, homemade brownies, staying up past bed times, unlimited access to lip gloss, hours spent playing outside, gum, gifts and the list goes on...and on. I think it would be safe to say that we all had fun. 
Thanks for a great week Nana!
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