Sunday, September 11

Nine Eleven

I am not the sentimental type, but this can't be ignore. I guess it all hit home a little more for me this morning as the kids and I dropped our most cherished off at the airport, enjoyed breakfast, then kissed him good bye. 

There was a dull silence to the normal business of those being on their way this morning, and I couldn't help but try to put myself in the shoes of the wives and mothers that fateful day in 2001, though that will never be possible. And the stories of those affected ten years later, especially the children. I just can't stop reading them. 

It drained me. I slept the entire morning and into the afternoon.

I will never forget that day, as I was sitting in some art class at some art school watching the world unfold. Watching, in silence, knowing this is what so many in other countries have to worry about on a daily basis. Knowing at that moment, all innocence was lost. 

And all I could do was sleep.

So thinking of you today, New York, and those left behind to deal and rebuild. You are amazing. My utmost to you.

One love. One heart.

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