Wednesday, September 14

Fabric Bowls

All of the sudden, out of the blue, for no rhyme or reason, all of the kids in the house have decided to sleep through the night. In their own beds. Its some sort of miracle and I keep finding myself waking up in the night, expecting a shout out of some sort to come my way but silence is all I am finding. And the silence sounds wonderful. Everyone seems have finally adjusted to their new surroundings, just in time to move. Again.

So yesterday, after indulging in a full nights rest I was feeling pretty good and ambitious. So we decided to get crafty with it. 

With the left over fabric from this applique t-shirt project, I decided to make no sew cloth baskets for each of the kids. The full inspiration and tutorial can be found by clicking here.
I originally made these baskets when I was young with one of my aunts in some dated peach and blue navajo fabric so I was excited to give it another go in fabric of my choosing. I am always looking for baskets for the kids stuff to keep them organized so this was a perfect project. 
Nyah hasn't quite got the hang of the weaving process yet but she was really into tearing the on inch strips of fabric. Oh, and she chose her own fabric for her basket. All shades of pink, obviously.
Love the pops of color these baskets will add to the kid's rooms or bathroom in the new casa.

Overall, after getting the hang of weaving the baskets again, I think basket making went well. None of the basket shapes were intentional. Each seemed to take on a life of its own as I got going, resulting in baskets that are as unique in size, shape, color and character as their owners. 
And you better believe that if we were still living on island time I would have definitely attempted this project with palm fronds.

(For the record: I used 6 yards of 12/32" piping for the large green basket and 5 yards of 6/32" piping for the Nyah's baskets and less of the 6/32" piping for the smaller basket. All materials found at JoAnn Fabrics.)

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