Saturday, December 31

All Things Leading to 2012

Another year has flown by, gone by, and I think we got by. I can only reflect on the year and realize the true unpredictability of life. Because as much as I like to plan and scribble dates, events, and appointments on my calendar, I realize it can all change in a moment. Everything set in motion by a single phone call, a single birth, a single decision causing everything to play out the exact way it should. How could we be anything but thankful? 

And though 2011 brought some unexpected twists and turns, no other year since the birth of Nyah has been much different. A whirlwind to say the least.
The dark haired beauty came after just four hours of labor in the summer of 2007, the year and the season I became the woman and the person I was meant to be. The name Nyah is Swahili for "purpose", and that is exactly what she gave to me. A purpose. Through her I also learned not only my physical strength but mental strength and once I had discovered my true self worth, we were on our way.

The two of us spent 2008 working hard in Indiana, me to make things happen for us and her growing into the strong, bold, precious girl she is, none which could have happened without the help of my family. Though times were good, the inspiration just wasn't there for me.
So, jump to January 2009, we packed our humble belongings in a few suit cases, I gathered my courage, stepped out on faith, and followed our hearts back to Nyah's island of St. Croix. I was content. Nyah was all I needed.

And from there we grew more, connected with the island culture, enjoyed local food and the company of my brother and sister in law. We lived a simple life under the sun.
And then on that hot night in the rainforest, I just happened to run into my old friend George. The thing that neither of us were aware of or ready for prior to that night became a reality. And I am not sure I can put into words just how good things got from there.
My brother and sister in law left the island for new horizons and got married. We moved to town in our first home together, a tiny condo on a hill where Nyah celebrated her second birthday and began attending the most amazing Montessori preschool

Just before the year ended, we welcomed Elsa Christiana into our lives. The bounciest happiest little girl we could never imagine, not even in our wildest dreams.

And then 2010, the year we found our dream piece of land over looking the Caribbean Sea, at the restaurant where George and I had our first date and where he proposed to me on one of the only dates we went on for the year.

I felt there was such a reason to celebrate life and family, so on June 3,2010, I wrote my first blog post. A hobby that has become such a creative release for me and great way to share our daily lives.

But 2010 wouldn't have been complete without a positive pregnancy test, of course taken in the triage booth of the Juan F. Luis Hospital, the place I was working when I discovered I was blessed with new life with all three of our children. The ultimate secret only I knew for the seconds, the days, the moments I held it, my insides jumping into my throat the entire time, once from fear and twice from excitement. 

Twenty-ten ended with us making our love official in the presence of our most loved family and friends, in Las Vegas, of course.
And 2011, the present for but a few more hours has been such a good year, where we enjoyed our island life, stronger friendships, and growing children. 
Mango season was the best yet, and then it was time to go. To a different job, to a different life not on an island and I cried. We enjoyed an Indiana summer to the fullest as we assimilate to the mega life on the mainland.

And then in July our big ten pound boy reluctantly came to us in one big push, securing his place as our baby boy, our last. A calm and snuggly Momma's boy.
George left us two weeks later to start his job and find a home for us. I gathered myself and learned to be the momma of three babies alone, but of course, not without the help of my family, especially my Nan.

So here were are, in our new home. A house with screens, a yard, and space, located in a place we never dreamed we would be, Louisiana. Learning and loving and assimilating to a new culture and new flavors. And growing and enjoying each other every step of the way.

I have no major resolutions for 2012, just the same as last year, and the daily goal of being the best person I can be. I do hope to settle in this coming year, appreciate, and be ultimately present with the kids as they grow. And maybe enjoy a year without being pregnant or giving birth. That would be a year for the record books.

Wishing the best to all of you, hoping your hearts are filled to the brim in 2012.

And as always, thanks for the support and thanks for reading.

All my love,

Wednesday, December 28


Family is gone. The holiday that I wish would never end is over. Actually, we still have Pop and my sister here so we don't really have to get back to reality until the end of the week. 

Before everyone left we made a trip to New Orleans to check things out. There is just so much to see and eat there, I feel like we have hardly scratched the surface. 

This was our third day trip to New Orleans. Two of our trips we have been rained on, and one of the trips I found my self on Bourbon Street, at night, with my stroller. Not a good look. There aren't enough ear muffs in the world to protect my children's ears from the craziness that dwells there. 

So although some of us did get rained on this go around, we only made a quick appearance on Bourbon Street, in the afternoon, so only minimal debauchery was witnessed. So overall I would call it a successful trip. 

We are finally getting to know our way around the French Quarter so we can be better tour guides when guests visit. 

Nyah now knows New Orleans is a place she likes and asked if she could take her Aunt Nikki there tomorrow. And yes, she is still rocking the costumes. 
Though I may grumble about living in Louisiana from time to time, it is wonderful to watch my children explore and new place and culture, take it in and enjoy it. Because New Orleans has a lot of it all.

I on the other hand just want to see Brad Pitt's house, but don't tell anyone. 

So though the bulk of the family was gone, I truly cherished every moment with them, every indulgent meal, drink, each day I blew off the gym. And thats what its all about.

Sunday, December 25

It's the Most Wonderful Time...

Well, the first Christmas in the new house is turning out to be like something I've always imagined. My family is in town and love is all around. 
Santa happened to pay us a visit this morning so the kids are on abundance overdrive and loving every minute. 
So a game of scrabble as been played, dinner is going low and slow in the oven, chestnuts are roasting on our new gas fireplace, Jude is doing what he does best, melting hearts at every change, George is in NBA heaven, Nyah is on about her twelfth outfit change, and Elsa just got her hands on her first candy cane. It really doesn't get much better than this. 
Sending you and yours the warmest and most heartfelt Happy Holidays, from our family to yours.

Thursday, December 22

Gingerbread House-Round Two

Its that time of year again and it just hit me that I have not done a thing in the way of devising a master plan to conquer the construction of a gingerbread house. If you remember anything about the absolute disaster that was our graham cracker house last Christmas, I knew I had my work cut out for me. Here's a little refresher of the graham cracker house (pre collapse) in case you forgot. 
So it was lingering in my mind, how I was going to make this year a success, when I stumbled across a gingerbread house making kit at the local mega store. I grabbed it, thinking it would come with pre cut gingerbread pieces which we could construct ourselves and decorate. But oh no. I opened the box and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a fully constructed gingerbread house, and eight tiny reindeer. 

And though I felt a bit guilty that I was cheating, yet again, it actually worked out because Ny got to jump right into the decorating if the house. Because she has little to no interest in the construction of the house. Her main objective is sneaking as much candy as possible. 
So overall, this years construction was very low stress with little frustration and though I will be tempted to make this boxed gingerbread house the tradition, I am determined to master the gingerbread house, from scratch, start to finish, top to bottom. 
Next year, gingerbread house, next year.

Tuesday, December 20

Goo Goo Gaga

I was lucky enough to overhear the following conversation as Jude and the girls were playing on the floor the other day.

Nyah: Jude, say goo goo ga ga.
Elsa: Jude, Lady Gaga.
Nyah: Jude, say goo goo ga ga.
Elsa: Jude, Lady Gaga.

And saga of being the little brother of two older sister continues. I am sure there is so much more to come for this little guy.

Sunday, December 18

Turning Two

Our little curly haired girl turned two on Friday. We celebrated her birthday in style at Chuck E Cheese, a place the girls have had their eyes on since we moved to the area. Not sure how they knew what was going on in there, but they did, and frequently requested to go in whenever we drove past. 

So, at Pop's suggestion, and with a little persuasion from Daddy, I finally lightened up a bit, sacrificed their island innocence, packed my hand sanitizer, and went for it. Because it is really hard to have a rocking party when you don't know anyone in town, so we let Chuck E. Cheese do the work. 

Chuck E. Cheese = Las Vegas for kids. 

Elsa, Nyah, and Jude had an absolute blast, as long as Chuck E. wasn't around. Elsa wanted nothing to do with the mouse and screamed as loud as possible the moment he was within reach. She had a hard time focusing on opening gifts and such because she was too busy making sure Chuck E. was at a safe distance. 
Post Chuck E sighting.
Homemade birthday hats
I will be taking cake orders all week.
And for Elsa's big gift, well we just decided to go for it. She has really been showing a lot of responsibility lately and we felt like she was ready. So we did it.

We got her a car.
She and Ny have been cruising the living room and kitchen ever since. 

Thanks to everyone who put boxes and cards in the mail to our girl, she had a great day and seems to really be getting the hang of this birthday stuff.

So, Happy Birthday to the sweetest and feistiest little snuggle bug we know. You are the highlight of our day, everyday.

Click here for some adorable baby photos of our Elsie.

Thursday, December 15

His Fifth Month

Happy five (and a half) months to you my sweet boy. My how time flies. Can't believe you are already such a strong little guy with a very obvious personality all your own. 
These photos were taken of you in the main place you hang out while I am preparing dinner, where you roll and jabber and drool until I am finished. And of course your sisters are in the photos because the just cant resist being next to you.
This month you have become the lover of our house, snuggling each of us constantly to our hearts content. You are so aware of everything now and actually a bit nosy. You don't miss a beat and are really forming a close bond with Nyah. You giggled for the first time the other day at her and her antics. She will sit in front of you and perform for the longest time just to hear your sweet laugh. 
You met so much of your family last month and they all die for you. You and your grandma definitely have a thing going. Your Pop is here and he thinks you are the biggest, sweetest guy around. I often find him admiring your adorable and juicy thighs and arms. The two of you have been bonding cheek to cheek since he arrived. And still more family is coming for the holidays to meet you and love you in person.
And me, well I am still an absolute mess over you. Never in a million years did I ever think the pitch of my voice get any higher, but when its just you and I and we are discussing things, well, it does just that. 
Funny how I talk to each of you (my children) differently, have different ways of snuggling each of you, and have my favorite places to kiss each of your necks and cheeks (your belly is pretty scrumptious too), but I guess its inevitable. Because I have realized that with each new birth I find strength I never knew was in me and I become a new woman, a stronger woman, a better woman. A woman capable of even that much more love, more love than even I thought possible. 

So thank you for making me sound like a fool the majority of the time as I sweet talk you. Hopefully you are the only one listening.
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