Wednesday, September 7

Moments of Firsts: Braids & Socks

This sweet little girl got her first set of braids the other day. 
I am not sure what made her decided to actually sit still long enough for me to do something with her hair, but I will take it. There may or may not beens some bribing involved in the from of foam soap and toothpaste, but once I got started, I was determined. 
While her sister absolutely loves getting her hair done, Elsa isn't into it so much. And I am not into torturing her so she usually just has curly/frizzy hair which I of course think is adorable, but her Aunt doesn't quite agree, and prefers her hair like this. And though she has tried to teach me how to properly fix Elsa's hair, she knows I am not listening. So these braid are for you Aunty Cline, I am not a total failure in the hair department. 
And as I look at Elsa in all of her braided glory, I can't believe how old she looks. 
If you are reading this post from Indiana, you are probably thinking I must be crazy for having my child in a dress because of the shocking shiver the air has to it. But if you are reading this from Indiana, you also understand that just three days ago, this was the proper attire for a kid when it was one hundred degrees out. The weather here is totally bipolar and confused. 

But today, oh no, today we have clothes on. Lots of them. Because it is very cold outside and the kids just keep looking at me when were out like, "What the heck is this?" 

And though my inner workings are feeling nostalgic remembering the feeling of a proper season change, my better self knows things could change tomorrow and it could the sun could be blazing again. But Elsa is happy with the cold because it caused us to bring the socks out, another first for her, and let me just say, she is in love.

And though I am tempted to pick up a few extra warm weather clothes for the girls, I think we will just make do with what we have because I don't trust Indiana weather and who knows what in this world Louisiana has in store for us. I guess I could just look at a Louisiana forecast but that is too simple, too modern. I prefer a good surprise.

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