Monday, April 8

Photo Share

Wow, it's been awhile.  Not sure why it has been so difficult for me to keep up. I guess its more the act of sitting down at the computer and plugging in the phone/camera than anything. But here I am for a quick update. 

I would love to jump in right where I left off but it seems that since so much time has passed, the old photos from January seem irrelevant. Everyone has grown and changed so much. The kids just aren't the people they were back then. Seems impossible but its true. So here are some of the highlights of life lately.

Nyah is reading and writing like a fiend and doing great in school and best of all, she loves it. George is the designated math teacher in the house and guess what Nyah excels in...math, obviously. He's such a great teacher.

Nyah enjoys doing everything on her own and would fix her own hair for school is I allowed. She's almost there. 
And she lost two teeth!
Elsa is the same happy wonderful smart child she has always been and it is pretty much summed up in her school photo this year. This is Elsa 100%. When I ask her teacher at school if Elsa has had a good day, the response I typically get is, "Elsa always has a good day." And it's true. This child is happiness.

Jude has had the most drastic change of all. He is talking up a storm and rambles out sentences that make George and I look at each other with such amazement because we had no clue he could say any of the words. Like, "I will do it myself, Daddy." 

And Daddy it is. Seems the tides have changed and Jude is finally starting to favor George a little more. He was such a devout Momma's boy for so long and I think George was starting to wonder but Jude is now George's shadow, doing and following and helping him at all times. It's precious. 

Jude recently had to get tubes in his ears after too many ear infections and so far so good. He's healthy and actually sleeping at night. Hopefully ear infections are a think of our past.
And he got a professional big boy hair cut.

He looks so old and handsome now, I can't even take it.
 It has finally warmed up here so we are spending every moment we can outside enjoying spring.

Until next time!

Thursday, January 10

Instagram Photo Share

The little moments with these kids are the best. I have found that I am able to capture the most precious snippets of life best on my iPhone instead of taking the time to pull out the ol' point and shoot. So, I thought I would share the randomness with you. 

Forgive the quality, I have the oldest, freest iPhone there is. 

Hope you enjoy.
Vest day.
Before school.
I melt.
Another before school shot. She's into it.
Out for ice cream after school.
Teaching Jude to blow kisses. Like he needs any help being any cuter.
Hugs to make Ny feel better after she took a fall at the park.
Our beauty.
It's not the beach, but the volleyball court at the park is the best we can do for now.
Home from work party.
This is what happens when I try to shower.  Up to no good.
Always creating.
Pure elevator joy. She got to push the button.
Umbrellas from Pop.
The new hula hoop star of the family.
How could my life be so summed up by one blog post? This is it, this is everything to me. 
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