Friday, November 19

Bug Battles

What I am about to write will probably make some people sick so I apologize in advance. I am revealing this not so flattering aspect of our life because its real and an issue we battle daily. Bugs. I have mentioned them before but I had another run in with bugs tonight.  Bugs and other little crawling creatures are an inevitable part of life in the tropics and of living in the open air, I have accepted this. Maybe I am tough, rough around the edges, I don't know but it is just my reality.  I also have to mention that we are obsessively clean because well, we have to be or lord knows what would happen. We would be overrun.

My run in with the little suckers began tonight as I poured an entire box of pasta into the boiling salty water as I was preparing Nyah and Elsa's dinner. When I stirred the pasta I began to see little black specs floating to the top of the water. What the heck? I studied them, looked closely, scooped one out and sure enough, bugs. Ugh. It was my fault. The box of pasta was new but I have to keep all things with the tiniest opening sealed tightly and in containers. These containers are a lifesaver. 
Even closing a bag with a clip isn't enough. The little suckers will find a way in. They are relentless. Sometimes the bugs are actually in the food prior to purchasing.  We have returned many items to the store because of visible bugs, we call them weebles. 

The saddest part about tonight was that I had to throw the pasta away. Wasting food makes me feel horrible. An entire bowl, in the garbage. 
I have to admit that I actually finished cooking the pasta while I attempted to strategize a way to get all the bugs out but it just wasn't happening. The girls didn't seem to be bothered by the bugs in the least, happy in their new hideout.
So it was rice and beans for Nyah and Elsa, again. I am sure my children will be repulsed by the sight of rice and beans when they grow up because thats how often we serve it to them. To say they are a staple in our house is an understatement.  

Sigh, such is life on an island. And so our battle continues.

Wednesday, November 17

Our Colorful Family

As Nyah and I were hanging out this morning she sweetly and innocently informed me that, "Mommy, you are pink, I am brown, Elsa is brown, and Daddy is brown like us". 
She is so right, this is a very true statement and the first time she has made it known to me that she is aware of the different shades of our shells. She was informing me in a matter of fact way, like I am the odd one out, which I am. I reminded her that she is beautiful and she agreed. 

It has been on my mind, pretty much since Nyah came into my life, how to instill a positive self image in her and now Elsa, how to develop their sense of self confidence and self love apart from others opinion/approval and how give them the confidence to stand up to those putting them down or heaven for bid bullying them.  I believe one can conquer anything once they believe in themselves. Nyah's comment this morning, conveyed with such pride about her individuality, once again brought this issue to front of my mind.
It definitely took me a long time to realize my own self worth, and I still struggle with seeking approval from certain individuals in my life. I realize that instilling this confidence in the girls somewhat starts with me. I must set the example of self love. I find this both easy and hard at times.

I came across a great blog entry by my favorite blogger the other day, Rebecca Wolf. You can read the entry here about the importance in teaching kids to have confidence in themselves. She sums it up in a way I never could, and don't forget to read some of the comments, they are great too. I found this article refreshing as I am solidifying some of my beliefs and addressing my own personal issues with self confidence, self respect, and self love as we are raising our girls in this society. Its always nice to know others have similar concerns as you.

So let me know what you think and give your self a little love today, because you are beautiful.

Tuesday, November 16

Our Day

I decided to take a walk on the wild side of life today and break routine. Oooh. After we picked Nyah up from school, instead of coming home for snack and nap, the girls and I headed to the beach.  Today was gorgeous. After another week of being stuck inside due to the frequent down poors, school closings and the internet being down, it felt so nice to get out and spend the afternoon with the sun, breeze, sand and surf. Its amazing how refreshing effect nature can have.

Nyah was totally pumped when I showed up to school in my bathing suit (with cover-up on, of course). She kept inviting the her classmates and teacher to come to the beach with us. She has also invited her teacher to come to our wedding and be a flower girl with her. 
After our swim, the girls and I took a walk on the beach. As we were walking and the wind and waves were lulling me into a peaceful and calm states, it struck me that going to the beach and living by the water, something I am still thankful for everyday, is really no big deal to Nyah. She has no idea what its like to not live by the water, to not being able to rejuvenate the soul with just a short drive to the sea. Its just her norm, part of her world. This makes me feel good, hope she appreciates the water someday. Hopefully it doesn't take living in Indiana to make one appreciate the wonder of the water. Or maybe the ocean won't be the part of nature that does it for her at all, and that will be awesome too.
Nyah loves to go out on this pier to look for crabs, even though they give her the heebyjeebies, it is something we have to do each time we visit this beach.
Elsa is eleven months today! She and Nyah are doing a much better job of playing together, more of a compromise on Nyah's part to share, stop tormenting her by pushing her down, laying on her, taking her toys, etc. Nyah seems to get it now and they are buds. 
When Nyah is asleep and Elsa is awake we have to keep our eye on Elsa or she will bust in Nyah's room to wake her. Elsa is becoming the comedian in our house. If we are laughing about something she starts laughing really loudly too, like she totally gets the joke.  Elsa loves to hang out in the oven drawer while I am cooking and I often catch her reading books while we are home and she is off doing her thing. Elsa has started pointing at random things lately and smiling and laughing as I explain what she sees. She is a sponge, learning at every moment.
Elsa is just a joy, she makes everyones day everywhere we go as she is always bursting with happiness. 

I had the best day with our rapidly growing girls. Of course, we ended our beach adventure with some ice cream for Nyah, one of her favorites. Elsa didn't have any, still holding off on the sugar until next month. Can't believe her first year of life is almost complete. It has been a great year.
Love to all.

Wednesday, November 10

So Life Goes

I get so frustrated with myself because I can be such a predictable person at times. Inevitably, the moment my life get the least bit busy, all my creativity goes out the door. I first noticed this trait in myself after I started Nursing School and when I graduated from college and started working in a stressful hospital, all creativity was lost. Hard to believe I used to enjoy doing art, seems like another life. I know it will come back to me someday but for now this blog has been a nice creative outlet for me. But as expected, with work and other upcoming events (incase you forgot, can't wait to see you all)
Etsy TwoYellowShoes mind has been occupied and that has left me with nothing to write about and I don't want to post crap on here just for the sake of filling up space. 

Working two day a week, big deal you say. Yeah, I know, but just trying to find my groove. 

On another note, Elsa seems to really be enjoying her time with George's Aunt while we are at work. Here is what she looked like when George picked her up the other day.  I have mentioned this happening to Nyah in the past but here are some photos just so you all know what I am talking about.
I guess she couldn't stand the rubber bands either because she started walking around with this bucket on her head. I could be wrong but I think this girl might have a sense of humor.
I came home to a pile of rubber bands on the counter and we are still trying to get the grease out. Hilarious. Auntie Cline is also pretty adamant that get girls ears pierced, an issue that George and I couldn't care less about.

Despite the hairdos and talk of earrings, we are beyond thankful Elsa has a loving home to play in while we are away where she is loved to pieces. What more could we ask for?

Thursday, November 4

Puppy Love

We got a puppy! Kidding, we probably won't enjoy the company of a dog again for a long, long, long time but Elsa is doing the trick for now. 

As I mentioned before, Elsa is beyond independent since she has mastered walking, roaming all day with her feet out doing a Frankenstein like strut.  I don't what she does all day but whatever it is is some serious business and she cannot be bothered to be held or snuggled. She does still nurse but is off on a new adventure immediately after her belly is full. 

With her new freedom she has also discovered the goodness of food. She kinda passed on the whole smashed food stage and is now in full big people food mode. Except she doesn't sit and eat. She roams, comes in for a bite then roams some more. 

This is Elsa's new position in the house, begging at anyones feet who might have food. Eyes wide waiting for a bite, just a little nibble, like a puppy. 
If Nyah has a snack in the living room I make her sit in this chair where Elsa can't reach her because Elsa will attack for food. I am sure I only have a few more weeks of this strategy because knowing Elsa, she will learn to climb the chair soon.
We were eating dinner last night, at the table, like a normal family except the fourth member of our family was not at the table with us, she was under the table, waiting for her bite, like a puppy, happy as can be. She would get a bite and go do her thing, pace around the room or whatever and come back for more. I know I should make her sit in her high chair and eat but she has a long life ahead of her to be proper plus she eats so much more when she's allowed to eat and run. 
Such different personalities these girls have, thank goodness Nyah still likes to snuggle with her momma.  Never in a million years did I ever think Nyah might be the calm one. Shudder, we're in serious trouble.
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