Monday, September 26

Together at Last

We have made it. We are here, its warm, and we are in the South, deep in the South. I guess I wasn't really letting my mind accept that we were migrating to this special part of the country, where the southern drawl, sweet tea, spicy food, and southern charm have a way of making you feel all warm inside. Yes ma'am. Where college football matters, and alliances and rivalries for the given teams run thicker than blood, much to George's delight. This place is an explosion of purple and gold.

I might have a little thing called culture shock going on but I am trying to embrace it all because, well, this is home. I thought I had acclimated back to state side living from island life but I must say, this place is overwhelming me. Cement and strip malls and traffic are constantly clustering my mind causing George to realize what a slow, simple, small town island girl I really am. 

But my refuge from it all-our new house, which is not technically ours yet. Fingers crossed we will be walking through the doors with suit cases in hand Wednesday. George out did himself in the house purchasing department. We have been to visit our new digs and the only part I didn't like was leaving. It might be my oasis from it all until my senses acclimate.

And the girls, well they never cease to amaze. They endured the nearly 900 mile trip beyond all expectations, which I am sure made the mini van driver (their Pop) a happy guy. 
Elsa seems to be adjusting to hotel life quiet well. And she nearly downed an entire plate of grilled alligator yesterday. Yeah. Who knew? 
Nyah loves her new house and has been consuming the local black beans and rice like it's her job. Finally, the real thing, not the out of the box stuff I constantly force down her. But Elsa is still partial to her grandma's seasoned rice and beans. And I am sure its just a matter of time before Nyah picks up a little Creole accent of her own.

And Jude, our sweetest little guy, managed to discover his thumb a couple days before the trip and really became attached during his hours spent in the car seat. Though he detests his car seat, he hung in there during the trip with a little help from the thumb. I know we are not going to appreciate the orthodontic bill down the road but for now, his new discovery proved helpful. And if you're counting, yes, that makes two finger suckers in the family. Genetic? Who knows?
Now, I have to get back to the business of figuring how to set up whole house hold from nothing and prioritize the most needed (with George by my side). I have a feeling our wallets are going to be begging for mercy. 

But for now, a few Louisiana factoids, compliments of Wikipedia that interest me.

  • Louisiana State Crustacean-crawfish
  • Louisiana State Reptile-alligator
  • Louisiana State Drink-milk
  • Cajun-descendants from French speaking French Acadia (present day Canandian Islands of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia).
  • Creole-French, Spanish and eventually enslaved Africans born in Louisiana.
  • Creole (the special meaning)-the name associated with free people of color from the relationship of European white men with (enslaved) African women (the men often freed the women and educated the children from these relationships). After the Haitian Revolution, this population grew to include French speaking immigrants and refugees from Haiti.
Finally, this rich land of mixed races, mixed cultures, and mixed languages is starting to make sense. French influences from every direction. Can't wait to see and learn more for myself and my children.

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