Friday, September 2

Wheels of Her Own

She has been getting by on a seven dollar plastic bike I picked up for her from a garage sale down the road. She couldn't reach the pedals, but I guess it served its purpose. 

Indiana is the place for garage sales in the summer. Opening your garage door and spreading all your junk on your driveway with little price tags on everything is the thing to do 'round here. There is bound to be one just around any corner on any given day, with the regulars scouring for that gem of a bargain, hunting for their treasure. Pretty amazing if you are into that type of thing.

But, the other day I realized that she needed the real deal. Needed to keep up. Was eager and ready to learn and that the seven dollar piece of plastic wasn't anywhere close to becoming a treasure. So we splurged on a classic and it fits her like a glove.
 Now if we could just get her to pedal.
But she isn't worried with things like pedaling because there is always someone around to push her, and she likes the helmet much better anyway.
And I am sure someday, after he takes his first steps and gets that itchin' to keep up, he will inherit this bike and will ride with the best of them, but today just wasn't that day.
Oh. And for the record, I don't typically dress my children in Disney clothes, but I came across this shirt for Elsa the other day and Ariel happens to be a big player in our house lately (not from the movie but stories). So we went there and it absolutely made her sister's day. Totally worth it


  1. I bought a cool glass bottle from a garage sale this morning and as I was paying the lady four entire dollars she informed me she's used it to store her mouth wash for years. Do you think Elsa would be interested in a trade of some sort?

  2. Congrats on making a treasure out of someone else's mouthwash holder. Interesting that she brought that fact to your attention. I am sure Elsa would totally trade, she's a wheeler and dealer. Does the "garage" sale occur in NYC? Or are they just conducted on the street somewhere? Hmm.


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