Thursday, September 22

The Anticipated Saturday Morning

I originally wrote this post way back in June, a month before Jude's joined our lives (which is hard to imagine, seems like he's always been with us) and before George left and I went at it alone with our three. I came across this unposted moment today and as I read it I couldn't help but get a tinge of excitement knowing that soon enough we will be enjoying these sweet Saturday mornings again, together, all under the same roof. Slow, private, unplanned Saturday (mornings), which I reference below, are by far my favorite day of the week and favorite time with the most cherished in my life. I can hardly wait.

I think it might have happened, a little pseudo routine might be forming in our life, just in time for our newest family member to arrive and make everything all wacky again, but in a good way. Obviously we can't wait.

I am only realizing our routine because I have acutally had a window of time to write each morning or go crazy on some projects.

Our unintentional routine goes like this, George gets up (early) with the girls then I get up, make breakfast (our favorite meal of the day which go all out for, daily). George then takes the girls "side" as Elsa calls it (outside) and I clean up at my own pace and chill while the girls are screaming and running outside. Pretty awesome.

And what else is awesome, this masterpiece.

Yeah, perfect with breakfast. Big up to you mother nature, you were definitely showing off with this big ol' melon. This juicy, sweet perfection makes a pregnant momma happy. How did you know? Well of course you knew, you are the ultimate Mother.

Everything is going so smoothly, George leaves tomorrow to pick up our long lost vehicle at a container port in Miami so I will be on my own for a few days. I am sure I will really realize how much I have been depending on him and asking of him when he's not around because lately he has been doing, well, everything. He's pretty awesome like that.

I am going out to play now, I am sure there are some bubbles to be blown.

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