Tuesday, September 20

Moving Day

The much anticipated day has come, the movers are here and are packing up our lives at warp speed. 
 I am not really familiar with the concept of "movers" and am definitely not familiar with the idea of someone else actually packing my stuff for me. But yeah, I could get used to this. Where were these guys when I was in college (my Dad is asking himself right now, as he shlepped my stuff back and forth from Florida with a smile on his face)? 

I am so thankful for these guys right now because though we don't have much stuff (Nyah and I moved to St. Croix with two suitcases and a pack n play and came back stateside with those suit cases, some boxes, and a few kids) I can't imagine doing this alone, and with no George. 

So I am playing director for the day while my grandmother is playing with the kids. They keep coming out and sneaking peaks of their "stuff" going out the door. Nyah was a little bothered by the anticipation of the commotion this morning but is pretty excited now that the guys are here. So we will be making do out of suit cases for the next three days until we hit the road.

Now, I must get back to my directing duties.

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