Monday, December 17

Elsa's Third Birthday

I finally worked out the kinks in the blog and just in time because our smart, precious, sweet and beautiful girl turned three! 
We had a party for her on Saturday to celebrate all that is this wonderful girl. Strawberry Shortcake themed, her choice. 

She soaked up every ounce of the attention and it was so nice to see her center of attention for a change. She is the girl that goes with flow and doesn't demand or even need us all the time so it was nice to have a day all for her. 

So brace yourself for too many birthday photos. Because I just can't help myself.
Daddy was in charge of the cake, obviously.
Happy Birthday Elsie girl. You are the absolute light of all of our lives.
Too much partying, ready for bed.
And thanks to everyone who called or sent things to Elsa. We appreciate you all for helping make this day extra special for her.

Friday, November 16

What's Happening

First thing is first. I am a slacker so here are some Halloween pictures. We were throwing around costume ideas and the girls kept coming back to dressing as princesses so I quickly made up my mind. In the dress up closet they went and out they came Barbie Cheerleader Princess and Rapunzel Bride. And the best part, they got to wear their costumes out of the house. They were thrilled and so was I.
And Jude was Captain Adorable, obviously.

The last guests has left after our three week marathon of company. It was so fun and has made November fly by. The kids have loved having guests, going through everyones suitcase and the extra attention. 

My college friend Caitlin came last weekend. She had technology, and Broadway show tunes on her iPad and pictures of wildlife on her phone so she was an instant hit with the kids.
Caitlin and I went to New Orleans for a night. Just the two of us. We had so much fun exploring the city.
We went out at night and tried to re-live our college days but I just couldn't hang. I mean, I can't even remember the last time I drove at night let alone stay out past 10 pm. It felt so nice to reunite with society. People are kind and the Blues sound wonderful. 
But Caitlin kept showing me cute pictures on her high tech phone that she had captured of Jude and it was torture, like a dagger to the heart at with each reveal of another picture of his dimpled smile. My first night away from baby boy was rough. Jude had a tough night too but George held it down at the house.
Though I had a blast with Caitlin, I couldn't wait to get on I-10 and drive west as fast as the law would allow. And I did just that, mostly because I missed everyone more than I could imagine but also because my breasts were about to explode. Guess Jude nurses more than I thought he did. 

I think I will wait another year or longer until I do that again. But it was good for me to be away, I get it. I now do the laundry and cook with more vigor. I am rejuvenated.

Can you believe this is what I have to look at all day? Elsa is the most precious, tall, sweet and talkative girl lately. Most questions start with, "Why, Mommy? Why are you driving?" "Why are you eating?" "Why is Jude sleeping?" She is wonderful, life with this girl is such a joy.
And this boy...
He is just as curious as Elsa is or ever was but he goes and does and explores what he is curious about no matter how high or how loud it will be or how big of a mess he will make. He is non stop action.
He is a frequent visitor to the bar now and he just started sitting at the table at dinner in a booster seat at dinner. He seems to be so proud to join us at the table and ditch the high chair. Last night he was being a comedian, saying things just to see us laugh. 
Meet Rainbow Princess. She had a Thanksgiving performance at her school and nailed it. She was pretty excited to be on stage. No shyness with this one. And she is starting to read! I am so happy for her. 
We will be hanging around here for the Thanksgiving holiday just relaxing and being with each other. I am so excited for us to all be together with no schedules. Should be good.

Wednesday, October 31


Lots going on in our normally overly routine life. First of all, we had a wonderful weekend being spoiled by Nana. Food, shopping, new books, laughs, it was great. And we are excited to welcome more company tomorrow. The kids are in heaven with all of these people around to wake up early.
While Nana was here, we gave Jude his first haircut. It was nice to have a third person around. One person to hold him, one to cut, and one to take photos (obviously) and watch the girls. 

I know you all thought the tree hugger in me would just let his hair grow and be but, well, it was getting so long that I couldn't comb it in the 20 seconds he gives me and he was starting to look a bit on the wild side. So after much agonizing (me convincing George), we went for it.

It looks awesome and he looks like such a big kid with his new haircut. I am telling you, if you can, try to have kids with curly hair. It makes for the easiest home haircuts. All of the mistakes just curl up. 
Elsa surprised me the other day (as she always does). I asked her to go sign Grampa's birthday card and when I caught back up with her, this is what I found. 
Her first "E"! I am so proud. And this is what I heard her saying from the back seat while I was driving today, "Twenty seven, twenty eight, twenty nine, twenty ten, thirty." Love the logic behind that.
Keeping watch, making sure Daddy doesn't miss a spot.
And that's about it. We are just enjoying life, the weather, and family until George starts school again. The madness all starts next week. 

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 28

A Fall Day

Here is a video of a few minutes of our wonderful weekend. Filmed by Nana, edited by no one. Just a real moment, a glimpse of childhood, one day in October.

It is my absolute favorite video to date.

Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, October 23

Bathroom Words

Warning: Some bathroom words have been used in the writing of this post so if you are easily offended or more mature than I, this might not be the post for you.

My children are well into the middle of a major phase right now and I am just buying my time until it passes. The phase? Well, um, I think I would call it the poopoo phase? As in, they think saying the word poopoo is the funniest, most taboo thing in the entire universe. There is nothing funnier to them than screaming poopoo! at the top of their lungs. And they do it often. They take such joy saying it, laughing, then running to tell on one another, "Mom, Nyah said a bathroom word!" 
I hear the word coming from the closet as they play together, hear them tell each other to say it, "Elsa, say poopoo," and hear it in the van as we travel. Because every song has the potential for bathroom word use.

You are my poopoo
My only poopoo
You make me poopoo 
When skies are poopoo...

Twinkle, twinkle little poopoo...

Momma called the doctor and the doctor said,
"No more poopoos jumping on the bed!"

And that's just what I've hear this morning.

I have failed, somewhere, I have failed. My precious angelic little girls have potty mouths and I am sure poor Jude is soon to be corrupted. 
I remind them each time they let it fly that we only talk about those words in the bathroom and they get it, I think. I am just worried Nyah will go to school and recite the alphabet in he new favorite way...H I J K L M N O POOPOO.
So there you have it. We've lost all control over here. Why wasn't I warned of this phase? Or are my kids just extra special?
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