Saturday, August 25

On the Move

Look who decided to get up and start walking this week. We are so proud of our guy and the progress he makes daily.

I would have loved to post a video of his actual first steps but those happened Wednesday after I forced him to walk. Well kind of. I stood him about one inch in front of me and sweet talked him into my arms and then covered him in kisses. I guess he was into it because the next try he took two steps and by the end of the day he was taking 5-6 steps and by last night, well, he was walking across the room.

I guess he was a better walker than even he thought. But I am finding out he is absolutely not the type to just go for it and take rough falls that come with learning something new. Cautious this one. He waited to walk until he was ready and even now he doesn't fall, he simply opts to squat to a seated position prior to the major wipe out. 

I wonder how long this cautious approach to life will last? Into his teen years maybe? And then some? I really wouldn't have a problem with skipping a few of those broken bones, stitches and emergency room visits I've learned come with the boy territory.

So there you have it. All of our kids can walk. Check it off the list. On to the next milestone.

Wednesday, August 15

A Kindergartner

This is what a kindergartner looks like.
She's anticipated this day for quite some time and was so excited when the morning finally arrived, probably mostly to finally be able to wear her uniform, but excited none the less.

And though I thought I was ready, the truth came out the night before, like I was the one about to walk into a huge school and start my life of learning. 

She has been in "school" since she was two and a half. I should be an old pro at this, right? But no. It's so different. She has always attended small, sweet schools where I could look her teacher in the eye and chat about my child everyday at drop off and pick up. Schools where the teachers would tell Ny they love her on a daily basis, and kiss her, and hug her. Schools where she was free to be a kid. And now, my sweet baby being one of almost 800 other kids. I flipped, my mind filled with what-ifs.

And she wanted to ride the bus. But, after drop off the first day, I realized that her school is a loving place. She walked in like a superstar, meeting up with all the neighborhood kids as they exited the bus. And I got to say hey to the teacher and watch her settle in, though she just wanted me to go, thank goodness.

I am that parent and can't help it, not one bit.

And the highlight of her day? Throwing the food she didn't eat at lunch away, like in the garbage. No left overs at school. And showing her teacher that she could tie her shoe. Thats all I got out of her because in true kindergartner style, all of my questions about her day were met with, "I don't know". 
But she is still not riding the bus. Baby steps (for momma).

Saturday, August 11

Vaca & B-Day

I just can't get over how old Jude looks sitting at the picnic table with the girls. He is now standing unassisted and smiling and then cautiously sitting down. Steps are coming soon, I just know it.
We had such a wonderful week with my grandma (Nan). We headed south, visited family, went to the beach, and celebrated Nyah's fifth birthday!
Nan gave Ny 50 one dollar bills for her birthday and took her shopping to buy whatever she wanted, something Nyah has never done. After picking a few things and then putting them back, realizing how much things costs, Ny finally decided to spend all her money on one Cinderella dress. I was proud of her and think she got a better grasp of money and paying for things.
My cousin McKenzie with Jude. He loved her, obviously.
We made a quick stop at the beach after breakfast one day to see the water and check out my cousin and her husband's water sport business, you can find them on Ft. Myers beach or here, Wind and Water Sports.
It was so wonderful to be on the beach again. Nyah and Elsa picked up right where they left off. Jude enjoyed his first visit though he didn't get to swim and get down and dirty in the sand as he wanted to. Next time.
Our best attempt at a group photo.
When this is what they really wanted to be doing.
We then had a pool party to celebrate Nyah's birthday and she got to show off some of her newly acquired swimming skills. So fun.
 Here's the teenager in her new princess dress.
The look wouldn't be complete without glass slippers.
Overall, it was such an amazing week spent with family, none of which would have been as easy without Nan's help (and patience). But we missed George like crazy (as usual) and came home one day early just to see him. 

We are refreshed and ready for Nyah and George to start school.
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