Thursday, September 1

His Second Month

Happy two months to the current man of our house. This week Jude seriously turned the corner and started sleeping through the night (up to eight hours at a time). Oh yes, this is me bragging. Sleep makes me a much better momma, it's a fact, and I am so thankful he has settled into a sleep pattern. Now we just need to work on this little bandit of the night
Jude is still growing, and growing. He is wearing 3-6 month clothes and has graduated to size two diapers. He went to bed last week in size one diapers, that fit fine, and then woke up in the morning with a soaked shirt (for those who don't have kids, that's what happens when diapers don't fit), and then by mid day the diapers were full on too tight. I had to bail on the rest of the size one diapers, which killed me (wasting anything gives me anxiety), but Jude's comfort always comes first and in this case came in the form of size two diapers, which my grandmother recently pointed out were also getting too tight for him. I pretended I didn't hear her. 

I don't have a current weight for him. We head to the doctor next week so I will keep you posted.
His days are spent (besides when he is sleeping) cooing, kicking, smiling and then getting really excited and kicking some more. He is sweet, cuddly, handsome and just an all around wonderful baby. He is everything I thought a boy would be and more.

We love you little big guy.

Photos courtesy of Amber Berninger over at She's rocked it. More photos to come.

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