Monday, September 12

The Calm Before the Decorating (Brain)Storm

One creative four year old (left alone) 
One blank canvas 
Palette (plate) of primary colors (acrylic) (red, blue, yellow & white) 
 Instant art work for Nyah's new room & one proud little girl.
And the awesome discovery that, "Mom, yellow and red make orange!" My little mixologist.

I can now check "art for Nyah's room" off my list of things to look for to decorate the new house. My mind has been so occupied with this project, the project of decorating a space for my family. A space I have never visualized or felt, besides the few glimpses I've caught on the internet. George played house hunter for our first home together and I've heard he did a great job. So my Coastal Living Magazines, Martha, The Lettered Cottage, fabric websites and numerous other DYI sites have been my best friends, my sources for inspiration. 

Now if I could just persuade George to let me paint the walls. Hmm, still formulating my master plan. Gotta win this one because spaces like this totally do it for my soul.  
Oh yeah, not on an island anymore.
Photos courtesy of Coastal Living
I will keep you posted on our decorating adventures. Movers come in one week and we leave in ten days! But whose counting?

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