Wednesday, May 11

Moving On

We finally made our decision. We are packing up and moving on to new horizons with a pit stop first in Indiana for the month of June to birth us a baby. We decided to go now because apparently its frowned upon to fly in the ninth month of pregnancy. Guess no one finds it cool to see a mom deliver a baby on an airplane. Whatever, wimps. 

I have no hesitation in going away for the summer and know the girls will have an absolute ball in Indiana, the land of green grass, swing sets, corn fields and family at every corner. I would be lying if I tried to convince anyone, including myself, that I am not a little intimidated by the thought of tending to three babies, alone. It's not the baby that scares me (sleep, feed, sleep, feed). It is these little ones that frighten me. 
I can't imagine they would be too satisfied being cooped up all summer waiting for baby bruda to finish napping. Destruction of, well, everything would be the ultimate result. Indiana will be good for them where I can open the door and they can run and run to their hearts content with a loving family member not far off their tails.

Now to just figure out the best method to convince a three year old that she is moving. For good. That her room will no longer be her room. That she isn't going back to school. So far when I try to explain this to her, she can't ever get past the fact that she, "Is going to Nana's house, to use her own garden tools, and swing on the two swings, and she gets to bring a suitcase." I guess she will figure it out. Kids are extremely adaptable, so I've heard. 

Unfortunately my child is far too familiar with airports, saying goodbye, and the geography of the world, or at least the places where her favorite people live and travel to often. She announced to her class yesterday when discussing full names that her name is, "Nyah St. Croix". 
Wherever we live, whatever we do, I guess I can rest easy knowing we have planted the seeds of freedom, curiosity, discovery and travel in her that will hopefully stick with her always. These girls are Cruzan through and through. We or they will be back, no doubt about it.

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  1. You have such a beautiful family Suz! I am excited to hear about your adventure....your homecoming adventure!

    xxoo - hillary


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