Friday, September 16

Summer Shots

After Nyah was born, I was pretty adamant about having professional photos taken every three months. Not sure what made me think this was necessary, but after buying all of those adorable shots I realized that if I bought them then I should probably display them, and thats when the house became a total Nyah shrine. So I decided to back it down a bit.

We haven't had professional photos of the kids taken since last summer and with a new addition to the fam, it was definitely time. So after a little persuasion from my mom (thanks Mom) and finding the perfect photographer from a friends photos on Facebook (thanks Facebook), we went for it.

I have been posting a few of the shots here and there taken by Amber Berninger of Modern Relics Photography but here are the rest of my favs. I am so thankful she was able to capture so sweetly this special time in our lives.

And soon after, all hell broke loose. They stopped cooperating, got a crazed look in their eyes and were just completely over it, and I honestly can't blame them. But it was fun while it lasted.

**The story behind Elsa's saggy britches and too short dress is completely my fault, I take full responsibility. I bought the girls & Jude new outfits for their photos and being (what I thought) was a proactive and diligent mother, I wouldn't allow the girls to wear their new things (after much begging) until we got to the photo shoot. I didn't want anything to get dirty. It wasn't until we arrived and got the kids dressed that I realize that Elsa's "dress" was actually a shirt resulting in the exposure of her last minute, too big diaper cover. Lesson learned.


  1. The pictures are absolutely adorable and beautiful. I'm the most proud daddy!!!

  2. Beautiful pics!


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