Sunday, June 19

Big Living

As the days leading up to baby bruders birth day are quickly approaching, we are trying to take advantage of our final days as a family of four by getting out into the world and do as much as we can. All too soon our daily schedules will be at the mercy of feedings and nap times. 

We have been doing things island living never allowed us to do like visiting the zoo, big parks, awesome story times, and museums. 
These were always places we could expose the girls to while living on the island, especially on those rainy days when the beach wasn't a possibility. We have been trying to do it all. 
One of my favorite things about our daily adventures has been watching Nyah get used to the amenities of big mainland living, like elevators (pushing the button is the highlight of her life), moving walkways, escalators, automatically flushing toilets and sinks, and, of course, drinking fountains. It is funny to see a kid who isn't used to this stuff encounter these luxuries(?) for the first time. 

The automatically flushing toilet really threw her for a loop, she just stared at the toilet forever, insisting she needed to flush but unable to find the device until the toilet finally erupted with a mega flush. Like magic in her eyes. George gave quite the drinking fountain lesson the other day. We now can't pass one by without a sip. She is quickly learning the etiquette and proper way to do things but still gets the biggest kick when she encounters one of these mega inventions, and really, I can't blame her.
I must say, we are really enjoying the big life while island life will always remain in our hearts and a not so far thought away. Because as life is quickly teaching me, home to me is wherever my family is and the exact geographical location of that home isn't really that big of a deal anymore, just as long as we are together.

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