Wednesday, September 21

Apple Orchard & Pony Rides

We began our trip through the beautiful Indiana country side, with its vast fields of flat nothingness stretching on forever, passing the occasional farmer picking his corn, as we made our way to the apple orchard. 
In my mind, I could think of no better way to spend our last weekend here then with family at Appleworks, a true Indiana treasure and something I couldn't let the kids leave Indiana without experiencing. This place might grow the sweetest apples on Earth.
A few carmel apples and apple dumplings later, I think the girls are definite fans of the apple orchard.

And as the girls rode these ponies I couldn't help but think back on Nyah's first and only other experience riding an animal at a street fair in Christiansted.
Thankfully the ponies behaved much better than this crazy jackass donkey.

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