Sunday, September 18

Her Big Brother

Not quite sure how much longer, "Hold muh bebeJude," is going to work out for these two. I'm just saying. But she is enjoying it while it lasts.
And her latest display of affection towards her brother-using him like her blankie. Let me explain. 
Since Elsa was tiny, she has been completely good to go if she has her two middle fingers on her left hand and her receiving blanket. Fingers in mouth and blankie caressing her face and all problems are solved. 

But her latest self soothing habit? Fingers in mouth and then taking Jude's hand to rub her face. And she is so content, calm and comforted while doing this ritual. It might be the most innocent and genuine display of affection I have ever witnessed. 

He soothes her. She loves him. He has the ability to stand in for her main squeeze, her blankie. It doesn't get much sweeter than that.

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