Saturday, September 17


Nyah and I had the most interesting conversation the other day while were chilling on the couch, enjoying our alone time together, conversing about life while the two other young-ins' were napping. The conversation was going really well when she suddenly stopped dead in her tracks and with such concern asked me, "Mom, what is on your face?" 

I immediately started whipping around my mouth thinking I had chocolate or ketchup or who knows what on my face. I am kind of a mess lately. And she was all, "No, there. What is that on your face?" And I kept wiping and asking, "What, where?" And honestly I was getting a little nervous because she was looking right at something.  

"Dots," she said. "You have polka dots on your face."

"Ohhhh. No babe, those are called freckles."

After a little giggle from her, we were on to the next topic. Probably something about tying a rope to her new house so she could pull it or something. She is big on this idea lately and I am afraid I don't quite get what she is talking about. But I'm trying.

So yesterday I was packing up and organizing and cleaning behind the couches (hello, total jackpot by the way for Nyah, she had a serious reunion with her toys each time I would move the sofa to reveal her long lost doll shoes and blocks and everything else) when I finally realized Nyah had wondered off and was being way too quiet for way too long. I finally called for her and out of the bathroom she finally came with the cutest little smirk on her face. 

"Look Mommy, I look like you now."
Sometimes I wonder if she is listening. But I am quickly learning that she is listening. To everything.

And so this is how she spent the rest of yesterday and part of today because she of course picked the special kind of markers to make her freckles. The kind that doesn't wash off with soap and water or even vigorous rubbing. 

Oh how I love this creative and funny little freckled face girl. 

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