Saturday, August 6

It's a Party

Our weekend has been the best. We picked up a special visitor on Thursday and have been enjoying every moment with each other since, knowing that our time together is short. 
The kids were so happy to see George after spending three weeks apart and I guess I have kind of been in heaven having him around also. Actually, I am loving every minute with him, all feels right in the world again and will until I have to take him back to the airport in the wee hours of tomorrow morning.

The highlight of the weekend by far was celebrating the anniversary of the birth of our oldest child, our Nyah Amina, our boogie momma, our little boo, our Nyahbinghi, our Yaya. Hard to believe four years have passed since this beauty made her rushed arrival into this world and totally changed the game (for the better,the absolutely unbelievably, unimaginably better). She is the reason life is so wonderful these days. This precious little Leo is just so tall, so mature, and oh so old. 
We celebrated in true pink princess style as only a girly four year old would want to, especially when her mom isn't really into pink, let alone anything princess. 
But thats the way it goes as a parent and I have learned to just go with it and embrace what she is into and actually celebrate the fact that she has her own opinions and ideas about what is cool and beautiful in this world and just throw the best Pink Princess Party I possibly can. 
Thank goodness there were a couple of strong older cousins at the party to break the pinata or we still might be there waiting for the candy to fall.

Parties, husbands, princesses, what a great weekend it has been, I don't want it to end. Definitely don't want to go back to reality. But on a more positive note, it looks like we have another child with that St. Lucian blood who is always down for a party.
Only kidding, this big boy snoozed the entire party. 


  1. So sweet. You do throw the best pink princess parties ever. Cracks me up that in every picture of Ny, Elsa is close by trying to help out in any way she can. =]

  2. wow i can see a little duckworth in jude. so sweet! looks like a great time had by all. thanks for sharing, glad to feel connected. ~

  3. Elsa loves her sister (see todays post). I have heard people say they see Duckworth in Jude a lot, but I don't see anything, just sweetness and chubbiness. It would be a miracle considering Elsa IS George. Love sharing our life, hope I can do more frequently now. Love to all!


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