Monday, May 28

Pure Luxury

Not sure how long it will take them to realize this little plastic pool is simply receptacle for grass clippings, but for now it is the first thing they ask for when they wake up and what they beg for all day long. 
What can I say? We go big around here.

Friday, May 25

Summer Love

Time is moving so fast, its hard to keep up. And hard to keep up with these kids. We are having so much fun with them, everyday. They are growing and changing at warp speed. Here is a little catch up of recent happenings. 

We made Nyah's universe and took her to Disney Princess on Ice, or in her eyes, The Greatest Show on Earth Ever. She was wide eyed every minute of the show and man does this girl know her princesses. Elsa enjoyed most of the show but lost interest towards the end and resorted to cheering and dancing. 
I now have three kids at home during the day because Nyah graduated from preschool! Though she will return a bit this summer to help her sister adjust to starting school (and don't get me started, I am already having anxiety about Elsa "leaving home") it is onto bigger things for this one. 
Jude is all over the house and is into anything and everything he can get his hands on which is ok with me. I love a curious kid but while I want to give him freedom to roam and explore I can't take my eyes off him for a second. Because if I do he is always moments away from disaster.
It is so hot here in Louisiana so we can really only get out to play in the mornings and evenings. When we bought this house we never dreamed this faucet would be such a hit. Hours of entertainment for the girls and me on repeat ever minute saying, "Girls, turn the water off. You're wasting water. Thats enough." I just can't help myself. But they love having their own water source.
And just a little warning-you might see this dress on Nyah for the majority of the summer. She scored the homemade dress on a recent trip we took from a sweet woman and she hasn't taken it off since because as she says, "Look, my back is out." George is less than amused, obviously, so this is another dress for home use only.
Since Nyah has been home she and Elsa have been going non stop pretending and fixing hair, and chasing, and screaming, and arguing. I am just so glad they have each other. Their bond is awesome.
These photos were taken as George and I were relaxing on the porch admiring our family just moments before this duo headed inside, alone. A few moments later we decided to take Jude inside to cool off. But when George tried the handle the door was locked along with every other door and window in the house. These sweet little girls locked us out of our house. 

We banged and rang the door bell but they would just scream and run around the living room then return to jumping on the bed. My idea was to return to the back porch and ignore them, they would miss us eventually, right? Well, turns out they were having a party and forgot they had parents so George knocked again and used his Dad voice and as soon as, "Early to bed!" came out of his mouth the door opened. Then the tears started flowing. They had fun while it lasted.
To celebrate Nyah's first day of vacation we put our swimsoups (as Elsa calls them) on this morning and headed to the water park to beat the heat and burn some energy. 
I am so looking forward to a summer of art, baking, playing, bugs and sun with these three and just getting back to the good life. We've missed you summer.

Tuesday, May 15

Our Many Roles

Somedays I feel I would be a better mother if I only had a background in teaching or art, medicine, cooking, diplomacy, sewing and the list goes on.
But, luckily for mothers and fathers of today, YouTube exists where one can become an instant expert in anything. 

My skill of choice on this day? Hair stylist. And after just a few short videos I felt confident enough to give long layers a go on Nyah's precious curls. And I am just realizing that maybe this is why my bangs were always so crooked as a kid. My poor mom had nothing to go off of as she stepped into hairdresser role. God Bless YouTube. And forgiving curls.

Sunday, May 13

What's Blooming

Look what's been blooming all month. 
And if I had done any research prior to moving to this great state, this gorgeous bloom wouldn't have come as a surprise because the magnolia flower is only the LOUISIANA STATE FLOWER. But oh well, I'm kind of into surprises.

We had another little surprise this weekend. Something happened to Jude and he started crying Friday night and didn't stop until Saturday afternoon. Poor guy was crying at the top of his lungs all night and would only stop for short thirty minute naps. George and I were tag teaming him and trying any and everything we could think of to calm him but nothing would do. And the worst part- he wouldn't even nurse. 

This might not sound like much to you but this 21 pound guy never misses a meal, even if he just had one. As in we might make Time Magazine in a few years, thats how much he loves to nurse. Nursing is his life and then to see him not want it sent my imagination racing thinking of all the things that could be wrong. And as a former ER nurse, that isn't pretty.

I had him at the doctor the day before to get his ears checked and all was good so we still don't know what happened to him but he turned the corner yesterday and is back to normal self this morning smiling, pulling his sisters hair, pulling up, speed scooting to chase me across the house, and eating. 
I think we are pretty fortunate that this is the first time we haven't been able to sooth one of our babies out of the three. And to all of those parents who have experienced this before, woah. Nothing feels worse than not being able to help your baby.

As for now, I must get busy on my to do list for the day: snuggling with my four favorite people. And as Nyah has been saying all morning, "Happy Muder's Day!"

Saturday, May 5

Jazz Fest 2012

We love festivals. Thats it. And as I'm sure many with kids can agree, festivals are the perfect kid and adult activity. Usually plenty to do and see with bountiful food to enjoy. We had a feeling when we set out for New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival that it would be the mother of all festival. We were spot on and then some.
We started the day with a beignet breakfast, of course. Packet all of our belongings in our double stroller and set out to conquer the world. So it would seem.
There really were a lot of families at Jazz Fest, and plenty to do for the kids. There was so much going on, so many varieties of music, an eclectic mix of crafts and people-though I am afraid we barely scratched the surface. The ninety degree heat made for some strategizing to stay in the shade but we managed to keep everyone cool and hydrated.
Elsa's creation.
We listened to a children's choir, lots of jazz, gospel and blues from a distance. We browsed Bruce Hornsby whose piano sounded magical before we staked out or spot to await Ziggy Marley's performance. In that time we took in a little Pedrito Martinez Group, and Mystikal. And for those who, like me, forgot about Mystikal, let me just say, Slow Motion For Me & Shake Ya A$$- Watch Yourself. Oh the memories these songs brought back.
The kids did great, as usual. The girls got to cheer and clap for the bands. By the end they had this routine down to a science. I am almost positive this was their favorite part of the entire day. Any chance for acceptable screaming is right up their alley. Our St Lucian girl Elsa danced and then napped through Ziggy. But Ziggy was great and how great it felt to move the old bod again.
It was a great day and great experience as I am finding any day spent in the Big Easy is. The more we visit and learn and experience this old city, the fonder I am growing of it
And that was the end to another wonderful day.
George getting us out of there.

Wednesday, May 2

His Tenth Month

My boy, my boy. How lucky we are to have you yet what a mess I am because of you. You are all I think about when we are apart and all I want to snuggle with when we are together. Your smell, your velvety cheek next to mine, and your compact little stout body makes my heart swoon. Ten months already, where has time gone? Guess I have to start planning that first birthday party.

You are pulling up to stand, when you want, which happens to not be much. You really don't get many chances though, to be honest. The ground is like a war zone with your older sisters around. Elsa has discovered that it won't hurt you if she lays on top of you so its a go. They are all over you and around you the moment you hit the ground, helping, and taking, and navigating your every move. 

Your oasis is your crib which is where you do some of your best work. But you know, alone time isn't really your thing, yet. So it usually doesn't last long unless I am there with you looking on proudly, smiling, and encouraging your every move. 
You have perfected your adorable wave and use it often to make society smile when we are out and about and is sometimes followed by a long, "Hiiii."
You are coming around a little more to the idea of eating mashed food but your favorite food (besides milk) is definitely paper. Under absolutely no circumstances can unattended books can be left on the ground or you will have a tiny piece of its pages in your mouth within moments. 

You are really into making things work. Doors and drawers are your favorite things to open. The best part of my day is watching you pull your little body across the house at an impressive pace the moment your Dad opens the door after a day away. 

You are the most adorable boy and definitely have your work cut out for you with two older sisters but I have a feeling you have it in you. You're a strong boy.
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