Thursday, September 29

Our Shelter

We waited all afternoon to hear from George. After much anticipation, we finally heard him slide his credit card key into the hotel door, which caused the girls to scream then hide, giggling the entire time. The smile he entered with said it all. 

After another meal in a sterile restaurant, we arrived with tired eyes in the dark with rain falling hard and the thunder rumbling even harder. The garage door hummed open, powered by our new opener, a free gift with our purchase. The kids piled out of the van and in they rushed in to fill their new home, their refuge from the world, with their echoing shrieks and extremely tired, nearly over the edge of sanity energy. It was all so surreal, such comfort from the storm. 
And all I could think about was hanging Christmas stockings, and decorating the girls room, and just how far we've come from the tiny space we started out in together on our tiny island. 

We've learned so much about each other and life leading up to this moment, and we now know that any space is perfect for us, that we can make any situation work, hopefully even one as perfect as this. 
Crackers were spilled, a rug was laid, diapers changed and a tantrum was thrown by our littlest girl who is testing the water of what her will is capable of in preparation for her second year of life. And then we had to say goodbye the place we will call home, leaving remnants of us behind, to head back to our hotel room for one last night. 
Tomorrow our journey as a family begins continues, in a house on a canal down in Louisiana. Our permanent shelter from the storm.
And I can't enjoy this moment without taking a moment to give thanks for the support, advice, encouragement and absolute love from all of those who helped us get here. We are blessed beyond words, not for things like houses but for you.


  1. OH MY GOSH, Suz. The house is BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to have HUGE get togethers in that kitchen! Show us the rest of the house!

  2. So funny you say that because a family get together was the first thing I thought of when I saw the house. It will be perfect! So come on over!

  3. Sweet digs! The place looks gorgeous! So glad you have all landed safely in your new nest. Love, Ali

  4. Looks beautiful! Welcome to the south where sweet tea, yes ma'am, church on Wednesday and Sunday, and true southern hospitality are the norms :~)

  5. Suz! The house is lovely. I adore the paint color! Can't wait to hear and see more of the home as things develop! So happy for you all :)

  6. Thanks for the kind comments! Things are slowly coming together.


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