Thursday, January 10

Instagram Photo Share

The little moments with these kids are the best. I have found that I am able to capture the most precious snippets of life best on my iPhone instead of taking the time to pull out the ol' point and shoot. So, I thought I would share the randomness with you. 

Forgive the quality, I have the oldest, freest iPhone there is. 

Hope you enjoy.
Vest day.
Before school.
I melt.
Another before school shot. She's into it.
Out for ice cream after school.
Teaching Jude to blow kisses. Like he needs any help being any cuter.
Hugs to make Ny feel better after she took a fall at the park.
Our beauty.
It's not the beach, but the volleyball court at the park is the best we can do for now.
Home from work party.
This is what happens when I try to shower.  Up to no good.
Always creating.
Pure elevator joy. She got to push the button.
Umbrellas from Pop.
The new hula hoop star of the family.
How could my life be so summed up by one blog post? This is it, this is everything to me. 

Wednesday, January 9

New Mornings

This is it. This is how our mornings now look. Though we haven't quite gotten into the routine of it being just the two of us, due to things like life, we are working on it. Now that we are out of the car, having completed all of our get life back on track and organized errands of January, and Jude is healthy, I feel like our time together has finally begun. And I love it.
This is our first morning home together and it is so different. Just he and I with no interruptions, no distractions, no toys stolen. Typing with him in my lap while he doodles on our fresh calendar page. 

I would think with free rein of the house he would take advantage and do all of the things his sisters won't allow, like ride his new dinosaur on wheels toy, but so far he hasn't left my lap. Guess he is getting used to the new dynamic also, getting used to the peace, getting used to the quiet. All he wants to do is snuggle. So we snuggle.
 And cherish each moment...

 Until the volume gets turned up and there are three again.
Wishing you a happy January, happy fresh start, happy new routine, happy new calendar page, and a happy and peaceful 2013.

Thursday, January 3

Elsa Goes to Preschool

Our sweet Elsie has left the nest! Well, just in the mornings, but I can't even explain how much I miss her spark and energy already. Our mornings just won't be the same without her around but every party of me knows that she is absolutely ready to be out learning. No looking back, no cries, no butterflies-she is loving it. 

Her first day of preschool went really well. I was a bit worried if she was going to be able to bring it down a few notches and be able to mesh with a group in a controlled environment. She is an absolute sweetheart but she kinda runs the show around here and isn't a bit shy to express her needs. I just hoped her teacher was ready for the big personality that is Elsa.
The teacher reported that Elsa is all I had explained and more. And laughed that the class "bully" (I guess?) had finally met her match in Elsa. Elsa didn't take one ounce of the little girls antics for one minute. Oh boy, she's an island girls for sure. Don't let her size fool you.
She went to bed asking for school and ran into her teacher's arms first thing this morning. I think this just might work out (I keep telling myself).
And so her life of learning begins.

Tuesday, January 1

Snow Day

We were hoping for snow during our trip to Indiana and wow, did it snow...and snow. I was thrilled that the kids got to experience the awe of waking up to a blanket of fresh snow covering the ground. They were of course eager to get out in it and as soon as the winds calmed, we did just that.
The thing about snow is that it requires lots of gear, gear we just don't have. We did our best piecing items to keep the little ones warm and dry together but the stores were out of snow pants and snow boots. See stylish plastic bags around their feet. That was my invention, it's not pretty but it seemed to work, for a while.
Jude did his best in the snow but it was so deep that each step he took resulted in his face falling in the snow so he bailed and went in to get warm with Nana.
We attempted a snowman but the fresh snow was too fluffy or else I've just lost my touch. George took Nyah sledding (highlight of her life) and many, many snow angels were made.
We love the snow but love to leave it for warmer weather even more. Checking it off the list.
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