Sunday, June 5

Love On A Farm

I knew it would happen, eventually. The day had to come. Its what happens, right? Kids fall in love. Its sweet and awesome to see your child love something and care for something so sweetly but this was the first time I had seen our girl show this kind of care for something other than her family. It happened and what can I say, Nyah fell hard. For a kitten.

Nyah met her new love this afternoon. The girls and I ventured out into the Indiana greeness along some country roads to my Uncle's farm. The girls needed to get a taste of farm life, a life that suited them both perfectly. 

Elsa appreciated the space, dirt, and freedom. 
And her family let and even encouraged her to jump. I don't think things could get much better in her life. 
Fear never once crossed her face. Big dogs, new people, it was nothing to her. She might have crawled in with the cows if someone would have let her.
And Nyah just loved on the kitty, the poor kitty, all day. By the time we left, she had finally figured out how to properly hold her but would not give the little kitten a break. Watching her care and momma this little cat to the max made me think we might be doing something right as her parents. Her first love.
Island life, farm life, not sure it matters to these girls because honestly, they just love life. 

Here's to being well rounded.

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