Friday, January 28

Our Happy Girl

Here is a little compilation of Elsa as we were cleaning and organizing yesterday. 

Warning: this video will probably only be interesting to my family but I felt inclined to share because it really shows Elsa's joyful personality. This little girl is so wonderful to be around, it hard to explain one's personality in words and do it justice but this video gives a little glimpse. Though let me not fail to mention that she has learned to throw herself on the floor and cry when things don't go her way, an act which even surprised her pediatrician. What can I say...she is advanced. Yeah. I know. We're in trouble. 

Final note, please ignore my silly comments, and all the laundry. I just finished it Wednesday night and it is already building up. Story of my life. Oh the things I would do for a washer and dryer. Guess that is for another post.

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