Tuesday, December 28

Holiday Chill

Life is moving slow around here and it's been just lovely. Essentially, there could be a blizzard outside, that is pretty much how we are behaving. Relaxing indoors with each other, skipping the gym, snuggling under blankets (thanks to the Christmas winds), indulging in good food and just enjoying our time post holiday mayhem. Just kidding, no mayhem here, our holiday was more than relaxing. 

Our first attempt hosting a holiday gathering was a mad success and was just an all around awesome night spent with family. I keep catching myself reminiscing about the night. This holiday was a pretty much perfect, more about love and time together than ridiculous onslaught of unnecessary gifts. Our love is not measured in gifts, our love for each other is way beyond that and it feels great.
In other big news: Nyah is protesting something major and is in the midst of a serious hunger strike. I think she is trying to convince us that a strict diet of only chocolate (pronounced in Spanish in our house) is all she needs to survive. Elsa has two new teeth, Nyah can now reach the bathroom sink to wash her hands with no stool and we were finally able to turn Elsa's car seat around, she is totally into her new view of the world and it is obvious that she is enjoying the ride. Nyah has learned to button her own shirts and we are expecting a new addition to our family this summer. I know, can you believe it? She can button, pretty awesome life accomplishment and we couldn't be more proud.

Hope everyone is enjoying this relaxing time of the year. Love.

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  1. New addition to the family? More details please :~)


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