Sunday, April 10

The Best Medicine

As I sit here at the kitchen table to upload these photos on this beautiful island morning, with the calming breeze blowing my bed head hairdo around, I am realizing that I need to be more like the girls in these photos. As things are changing in our lives these photos and our girls are the constant reminder that I still need to take the opportunity to lighten up, laugh a little and stop worrying myself to the point of exhaustion attempting to plan and predict the future. Relax and surrender, things will work out. They always do.  

I need to finish up my computer time. Nyah is out with George on a morning walk to take the garbage out (her chore) and to pick tamarinds. Elsa is deep into her morning slumber. I need to psych myself up because I have no doubt in my mind that my thoughtful little girl will pick a special tamarind just for me and bring it back and proudly hand it to me and watch to see if I eat it. They are an unbearably sour treat, perfect for kids, but more on tamarinds another day.

I guess when I need a reminder to chill the mind, I can always come back to this page because, honestly, this is life, and its good.

1 comment:

  1. So true! God has a plan, and He is working out everything...just trust, have faith, and all will work out exactly as it should! Love you sweet girl.


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