Friday, December 17

Birthday Girl

Yesterday Elsa celebrated her first year of life. We had a small celebration at Nyah's school. The kids wanted to sing to her since they have known her and watched her grow since she was in my HUGE belly (as they like to remind me). It was a nice little celebration, for Nyah also. I brought my camera but forgot to put the battery back in from the charger. Ugh, so no frosting in the hair photos. 

Nyah and Elsa met Santa last night and we enjoyed steel pan music, moko jumbies, and quadrille dancers with great friends. Elsa's major celebration will be on Sunday when her grandparents return from St. Thomas. Photos of messy cake face soon come. In the mean time, here are a few of my favorite Elsa photos from the past year. 
Happy Birthday Elsa, you sweet, vivacious, energetic, active, beautiful little girl. We are so happy you joined our family one year ago.

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