Friday, April 29

Life's Adventures

Our life has turned busy, hustle and bustle all around as our lives are being downsized and packed away into a few big brown boxes. Moving? Maybe, who knows? Sure wish I knew. Moving out of our condo, yes, probably. Maybe. We are preparing as if we are leaving our wonderful island life so everything is packed and we wait. And wonder. And try to remain positive at our undetermined future. The unplanned and unknown can be scary. But what is certain is we have a two amazing girls and a little boy on the way who we are all beyond excited to meet. 

As I sit here enjoying the breeze and watch the waves break in the distance, as these annoying little mosquitoes bite me, a reminder that summer and the heat are approaching, I realize days like this might be few and far between. And afternoons like these.
So we will enjoy our moments here to the fullest until our plans are set. Adventure awaits, just not sure I am up for it this time. Remember when I wrote about finally arriving at this point in my life? Looks like life has other plans for us at times. 
What will this blog be without photos like this? Might have to change the title description but the adventure will remain because life is always an adventure, an adventure I am beyond thankful to be a part of. 

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