Sunday, December 18

Turning Two

Our little curly haired girl turned two on Friday. We celebrated her birthday in style at Chuck E Cheese, a place the girls have had their eyes on since we moved to the area. Not sure how they knew what was going on in there, but they did, and frequently requested to go in whenever we drove past. 

So, at Pop's suggestion, and with a little persuasion from Daddy, I finally lightened up a bit, sacrificed their island innocence, packed my hand sanitizer, and went for it. Because it is really hard to have a rocking party when you don't know anyone in town, so we let Chuck E. Cheese do the work. 

Chuck E. Cheese = Las Vegas for kids. 

Elsa, Nyah, and Jude had an absolute blast, as long as Chuck E. wasn't around. Elsa wanted nothing to do with the mouse and screamed as loud as possible the moment he was within reach. She had a hard time focusing on opening gifts and such because she was too busy making sure Chuck E. was at a safe distance. 
Post Chuck E sighting.
Homemade birthday hats
I will be taking cake orders all week.
And for Elsa's big gift, well we just decided to go for it. She has really been showing a lot of responsibility lately and we felt like she was ready. So we did it.

We got her a car.
She and Ny have been cruising the living room and kitchen ever since. 

Thanks to everyone who put boxes and cards in the mail to our girl, she had a great day and seems to really be getting the hang of this birthday stuff.

So, Happy Birthday to the sweetest and feistiest little snuggle bug we know. You are the highlight of our day, everyday.

Click here for some adorable baby photos of our Elsie.

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  1. Happy Birthday to Elsa! Looks like you guys had a great celebration. The girls look very happy in their new cruising machine! So cute! ~Ali


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