Tuesday, December 6

Are You Still There?

I really could never find the right time to give up the computer (hints the procrastination) but as much as I miss blogging, the break from technology couldn't have come at a more perfect time. 

The break has given me a chance to get ready for the holidays, finalizing shopping (what little we are doing, going homemade as much as possible), getting ready for Elsa's second birthday, decorating, cooking, catching up on Martha shows, snuggling my babies and just relaxing. And I must say, it feels good.

A few updates. It was a little touch and go for awhile but I think we managed to avoid a lice outbreak (grose) in the house, thank you so much for the tips. 

We made a visit Santa, who happens to hang out in the mall here in Lousiana as opposed to the hardware store, like in St. Croix, which Nyah found interesting. All went well, no crying, terrified children this year. One very sceptical child, but thankfully no tears were shed.

This years photo goes like this (since I can't share), Nyah looking off at something unknown, Elsa sitting perfectly still, not moving an inch the entire time she sat on the old man's lap, not even to smile. And then there is Jude, laid back in Santa's arms with the biggest grin on his face. Classic.

As I went to retrieve my children from Santa's lap, he stated that, "This is about as much fun as hurting cats." Hmm, not sure what that meant but lets just say we have come across some interesting Santa's in our day. All part of the fun.

We got the tree up and all of our newly purchased Christmas ornaments (our old ones still reside in a box in St. Croix) were hung with care, mostly around the bottom of the tree right on top of each other, by Nyah and Elsie.

I finally gave in and added the box of pink ornaments and colored lights to our perfectly color coordinated tree, which Nyah found at Nana's house. The kids love it and I must say, it's growing on me. I have George to thank for convincing me that helping the kids have fun Christmas memories is way more important than having a coordinating tree of silver and blue hues.  Disco Christmas for sure. Lets party.

Finally, Elsa's obsession with her blankie has reached new heights. I was on to her a few weeks ago when she kept tossing her newly washed blankies (receiving blankets) to the side prior to her nap but thought nothing of it. I then conducted an experiment last evening when she was really tired and ready for bed. I pulled one fresh blankie after another out of the dryer and handed them to her. She caressed each to her nose and quickly rejected each and every one of them. Dirty, smelly blankets only for her please. I am sure the longer they are dragged across Baton Rouge the better.

Anyway, computer should be back in my paws next week (not that I've been stalking Best Buy or anything). Looking forward to working her keys to the max. Until then...


  1. Santa was probably being a smarty pants talking about herding cats -- meaning it is impossible. What a silly santa.


  2. Oh! It makes so much sense now! Thanks for clearing that one up, guess I am not familiar with the phrase. Hope you are enjoying the holidays with your precious little guy!


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