Tuesday, January 4

Survive and Thrive

We managed to ring in the New Year without any ridiculous diet plans, bangs, kick offs, or serious life changing resolutions, besides the daily mission to try to be our best. Strictly in survival mode here. 

We spent the eve of the New Year at the beach with friends trying to save baby turtles who didn't make it past the rough breakers during their mad dash to sea the night before. 
The noble life of a sea turtle. Hatch and then immediately head towards the light of the moon and try to make it in the endless sea. Such brave little guys and girls. 
These baby turtles are the truly define survival mode. Not making a silly resolution to do what they need to do to succeed in life, strictly doing what they have to do, making my concerns insignificant in comparison. Growing to be a big old turtle their ultimate life's success.  Hopefully these precious babies were strong enough to make it past the breakers to begin their journey in life and one day return to the launching point, as old tortugas, where George gave them their second chance (because I wasn't about to get in that cold water). 
The Christmas winds are whipping here and we are really enjoying the slight drop in temperature, proving my point once again that the seasons do change in St. Croix. Nyah was the only brave soul to take her clothes off at the beach, well, she, George, and all the tourists. 
And I keep coming back to the baby turtles, hoping they are out in there surviving, thriving, instincts in motion. No doubt every mothers' wish for her baby venturing from the nest.

Happy New Year! Much love.

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