Friday, May 20

This One's for Africa

The awesome place that is Nyah's preschool had a special African Week this week, part of a series in their studies of the continents. Luckily, her school is a miniature United Nations and many of the continents happen to be where the kids and/or their parents have once called home. Nyah's teacher hasn't requested any of my knowledge about Franklin, Indiana yet. Not quite sure why...

So this week was for Africa. The kids brought African treasures from home, ate African food, sang African songs, read African stories and did a million other great things, with one of the mom's from Ethiopia, which I know little about because Nyah only reports when I make my daily inquiry into what she did at school is that she did, "Work." 

This is the little beauty who greeted me at the door yesterday afternoon after George picked her up from school. I know I am her mother and think she is the best thing on Earth, ever, but sometimes I can't help it, she just takes my breath away. I am sure the screaming fit she threw when her teacher tried to take this African outfit off of her to return before leaving school wasn't breathtaking, but I wasn't there so George had the pleasure of handling that one. They ended up letting her keep the outfit anyway, thank goodness.
Of course, she had to show off her best African dance moves she had learned that day.
This afternoon the parents were invited for an African Celebration finale and I went, (George stayed home with our little marathon runner) thinking I would see the kids perform a little somethin' somethin', I would take some pics, sample some African treats, and find it absolutely perfect because I was watching my child. 

But oh no, this is what I found on this Friday. 

The African drums get me every time. The beat always manages to lure me into its trance. Amazing.

Typical, real typical. Seems I always learn as much as Nyah does from the events at her preschool. PRESCHOOL, I remind you. Should I be embarrassed by this? I just appreciate the diversity and culture she (and I) are exposed to on a daily basis at her little school, because, honestly, I will take all I can get. Guess its been worth every penny, right George?   
Nyah written in Amharic


  1. Nyah is the most gorgeous child over two that I have ever seen (because Elsa is the most gorgeous child under 2.) She's starting to look a lot like her momma! Can't wait to see you guys! Love you!

  2. You are the perfect Aunt. Can't wait to see you and for the girls to get a little Aunt Nikki in their lives. Lucky little girls!

  3. Nyah looks just like you SUZ!! She is sooo beautiful!! I got tears in my eyes and I hope to see you sooon!!!


  4. Thanks Ki, that is so sweet of you! We can't wait to see you either for some good ol' Indiana fun! Hope to see you soon! Sending much love your way!


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