Thursday, December 22

Gingerbread House-Round Two

Its that time of year again and it just hit me that I have not done a thing in the way of devising a master plan to conquer the construction of a gingerbread house. If you remember anything about the absolute disaster that was our graham cracker house last Christmas, I knew I had my work cut out for me. Here's a little refresher of the graham cracker house (pre collapse) in case you forgot. 
So it was lingering in my mind, how I was going to make this year a success, when I stumbled across a gingerbread house making kit at the local mega store. I grabbed it, thinking it would come with pre cut gingerbread pieces which we could construct ourselves and decorate. But oh no. I opened the box and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a fully constructed gingerbread house, and eight tiny reindeer. 

And though I felt a bit guilty that I was cheating, yet again, it actually worked out because Ny got to jump right into the decorating if the house. Because she has little to no interest in the construction of the house. Her main objective is sneaking as much candy as possible. 
So overall, this years construction was very low stress with little frustration and though I will be tempted to make this boxed gingerbread house the tradition, I am determined to master the gingerbread house, from scratch, start to finish, top to bottom. 
Next year, gingerbread house, next year.

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