Wednesday, December 28


Family is gone. The holiday that I wish would never end is over. Actually, we still have Pop and my sister here so we don't really have to get back to reality until the end of the week. 

Before everyone left we made a trip to New Orleans to check things out. There is just so much to see and eat there, I feel like we have hardly scratched the surface. 

This was our third day trip to New Orleans. Two of our trips we have been rained on, and one of the trips I found my self on Bourbon Street, at night, with my stroller. Not a good look. There aren't enough ear muffs in the world to protect my children's ears from the craziness that dwells there. 

So although some of us did get rained on this go around, we only made a quick appearance on Bourbon Street, in the afternoon, so only minimal debauchery was witnessed. So overall I would call it a successful trip. 

We are finally getting to know our way around the French Quarter so we can be better tour guides when guests visit. 

Nyah now knows New Orleans is a place she likes and asked if she could take her Aunt Nikki there tomorrow. And yes, she is still rocking the costumes. 
Though I may grumble about living in Louisiana from time to time, it is wonderful to watch my children explore and new place and culture, take it in and enjoy it. Because New Orleans has a lot of it all.

I on the other hand just want to see Brad Pitt's house, but don't tell anyone. 

So though the bulk of the family was gone, I truly cherished every moment with them, every indulgent meal, drink, each day I blew off the gym. And thats what its all about.

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