Thursday, December 15

His Fifth Month

Happy five (and a half) months to you my sweet boy. My how time flies. Can't believe you are already such a strong little guy with a very obvious personality all your own. 
These photos were taken of you in the main place you hang out while I am preparing dinner, where you roll and jabber and drool until I am finished. And of course your sisters are in the photos because the just cant resist being next to you.
This month you have become the lover of our house, snuggling each of us constantly to our hearts content. You are so aware of everything now and actually a bit nosy. You don't miss a beat and are really forming a close bond with Nyah. You giggled for the first time the other day at her and her antics. She will sit in front of you and perform for the longest time just to hear your sweet laugh. 
You met so much of your family last month and they all die for you. You and your grandma definitely have a thing going. Your Pop is here and he thinks you are the biggest, sweetest guy around. I often find him admiring your adorable and juicy thighs and arms. The two of you have been bonding cheek to cheek since he arrived. And still more family is coming for the holidays to meet you and love you in person.
And me, well I am still an absolute mess over you. Never in a million years did I ever think the pitch of my voice get any higher, but when its just you and I and we are discussing things, well, it does just that. 
Funny how I talk to each of you (my children) differently, have different ways of snuggling each of you, and have my favorite places to kiss each of your necks and cheeks (your belly is pretty scrumptious too), but I guess its inevitable. Because I have realized that with each new birth I find strength I never knew was in me and I become a new woman, a stronger woman, a better woman. A woman capable of even that much more love, more love than even I thought possible. 

So thank you for making me sound like a fool the majority of the time as I sweet talk you. Hopefully you are the only one listening.

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