Wednesday, December 14

Back in Action

....and we're back. Finally. I am so excited to have the computer back home and be in touch again. I would like to claim that I have a ton of photos to catch you all up on taken during the lapse in blogging, but I don't. My little break from technology was a total break I guess.

Slacker? Most definitely. 

Life is good though and we are really enjoying getting ready for the holidays. 
Elsa loves the Christmas tree, which has become her new hangout. She gazes at it, rearranges the ornaments, and or brings them to me with the tops pulled off and says, "Heego Mommy".  
George doing the honors since both girls were in full meltdown mode by angel time. And yes, it's going to be a Bud Light Christmas.
Jude is still not sleeping. Ever. And since no sleep makes me a horrible person, we finally resorted to force feeding him rice cereal. 

Nyah has become chief Jude feeder. She reminds us all of feeding time (which I appreciate because I often forget) (not because I don't feed my baby but more because I am used to just nursing him). She pours the rice, tells me what I am doing wrong, gets the spoon, and makes every attempt to independently feed Jude but usually settles reluctantly on holding the spoon with me or being in charge of wiping what he spits out. 

She is in her glory. Who would have known feeding her brother would bring her so much joy but it is her new hobby and its wonderful to see.

We got an awesome surprise guest over the weekend. My Dad (better known as Pop around these parts) arrive Sunday fresh from the West coast at the end of some awesome road trip. Yes, I am envious. 
The girls have maintained a constant high pitch scream since he arrived and are doing their best to entice him to chase/tickle/flip them at all times. 

I always enjoy having my Dad around. He is the best at doing the little things that make my life so much easier, like hanging clothes lines, sharpening my dull knives, fixing Jude's swing, hanging stuff, and he hasn't even gotten to the list we have for him yet. 

I have enjoyed having someone to hang out with during the day. We have been working the GPS and exploring Baton Rouge, getting out and doing things I am usually too scared to do because I am afraid of my own two year old(s tantrums). It is absolutely amazing what is out there, restaurants, book stores, Whole Foods, I am in awe. 

I know it is going to take some time to get back into my blogging routine, but for now, it is so good to be back. 

Hope everyone is well.

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