Wednesday, May 18

Welcome to The Good Life

The last minute visits with friends lately have been bitter sweet, both making the sadness creep up my throat that yes, this is really happening. We are moving. And yet the other reality that, yes, we are moving which brings out the tiniest tinge of excitement for new discoveries, really not knowing what is the universe has in store for us but having all the confidence in the world that it will all work out, because it always dose. 

Nyah had a memorable goodbye visit with one of her friends, who she usually hangs with at our playdates on Wednesdays. These two friends have just hit it off from the beginning, they love each other, and I enjoy the the mom time equally as much, double bonus. Nyah got invited to play at her friends house this weekend, really her first time playing at a friends house and I'm afraid it happened. Remember being a kid, thinking everything someone else had was absolutely rad, down to their dishes, siblings and parents? Well, after Nyah's first glimpse of what life in someone else's house was like, she didn't want to leave. She would have moved in if given the option. It all started with this.
The badass Cadillac. Sadly, Cadillacs are one of those toys that my children will probably never own (along with Nintendos, (or whatever they're called these days), and cell phones). Not sure why, no strong reason, they just won't. I have become such a minimalist in ways since becoming a parent. (And I will come back to this post in many years when my children have all this stuff I just listed and remember to never say never, because motherhood always has you doing the unexpected.)
Nyah's friend was like a driving prodigy. Better than me, I'm afraid. She rocked those gears, reversing and spinning the wheel, getting herself out of sticky situations with ease. I couldn't help but laugh seeing these girls cruising around together, Nyah thoroughly enjoying being a passenger. Nyah got behind the wheel once and a head on collision into a tree was the immediate result. We've got to work on that.
The afternoon continued with playing, screaming, getting dirty, and swimming, which by the way was followed by towels heated in the dryer for them to dry off with, and then hot chocolate since they were cold. Hot chocolate, in the Caribbean? Who thinks of this, well this awesome mom did and after Nyah's first taste of the warm milky goodness, she finally gave me a look like, "What the heck, what is wrong with you?" "Stop depriving me of all that is good in the world, woman."

Nyah cried all the way home (I kinda felt like it too, but for other reasons) when I finally drug her crying a pleading out of this kid heaven back to the reality of her life. I am sure this won't be the last wake up call for her, or exposure to the good life. But as I have so often done, after hanging out with people's family who seemed to have it all, I always ended up coming home to my family and being thankful, because they were mine. I hope Nyah had a similar feeling as she was crawling into her bed that night, exhausted, with thoughts of Cadillacs and hot chocolate dancing in her head. 

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