Wednesday, October 6

Seasons Change

Rain, rain go away... Nyah keeps singing this song this morning as the rain comes down from the tropical depression that is out there somewhere. School was canceled for Nyah. She was sad.  I am trying to explain to her that this is cause for celebration but I guess she will understand in time. I will just enjoy her enthusiasm for school as long as it last, which is hopefully forever. 

So far, the highlight of Nyah's day is getting the opportunity to put on long pants. The novelty of pants never fails to get her going. We don't get the opportunity to wear pants often. The lucky girl has no clue. With that being said, it is looked down upon here to take a child out without proper clothing on when the elements present. It is hard for me to remember to dress the girls in the extra gear when, well most of you understand, the temp isn't below fifty degrees and or snow isn't on the ground. 

When Elsa was a wee little one an elderly woman in the air conditioned pharmacy was questioning where Elsa's socks were. Mind you it felt like a sweltering 100 degrees outside. George and I were stammering, of course feeling horrible when the woman proceeded to tell us that, "Babies have feelings too". Talk about neglectful parent. Ugh. Now I try to pay closer attention and comply with the clothing expectation here so the girls don't "catch a draft" as they say, which still confuses me, but I think it is a cold.

I know I lost my thick skin for cold weather because I really feel even the slightest drop in temp. Honestly, I'm a wimp in the cold. In fact, I am drinking coffee as I type and enjoying the nostalgic feeling of fall while it lasts. The coffee maker hasn't been on since the last time one of my parents were on island. I guess my body is still programed for the change in season. Seasons do change here, you just have to look a little closer. And by the willingness of those who live here to bundle up, even those raised under the sun, it makes me suspect that I am not the only one who looks forward to the change.

I have a feeling will be enjoy our "snow day" indoors, snuggling in our sweat pants, and pretending its fall...just for the day. Cross your fingers the power doesn't go out. Hope you all are enjoying the change in season.


  1. Very nice post about the changing seasons.
    It's starting to get really nice here. If the leaves weren't already dead from the super dry summer we had, I would take pictures of the changing leaves for you.

    I would,however, like to take this opportunity to mention Nyah's legs. They are about ten feet long and super skinny. How tall is that child now?

  2. I bet it is so nice there, too bad there are no leaves. I think thats my favorite part. Nyah is so tall and acts so old. You won't believe it when you see her. Love you so much!


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