Monday, September 20


Routines are Nyah's life. She loves them and thrives off of them as any child her age does. She has most of our daily tasks down to a science. Starting with waking, getting dressed, getting juice and pleading for cartoons. The rest of the day is one big routine. Her nighttime routine is getting longer by the day. After dinner and bath the stalling begins. She first begins by stalling to pick out her stories, followed by potty, brushing teeth, taking clothes off, taking hair down, songs, one more song, scratching and kisses and more kisses. (This is the quick version mind you). 

When I did pushed her to pick her book the other night as she was standing in front of her bookshelf for way too long she told me, "Mommy, I'm thinking". I don't know what she had to think about, she picks the same books every. single. night. 

She has recently added a new dimension to her morning routine which is kind of comical and a little time consuming. When the time comes to fix her hair, she consistently requests, "I want my braids". I have to really strategize a plan before hand if there is no time for braids and a ponytail will have to do. Breaking routine is scary. I think she must get a lot of positive reinforcement for her braids when we are out or she is at school because she loves braids and insists on braids. Every morning. 
Different cultures obviously have different styles and the culture in St. Croix, which I love so much, values braids and fixed hair for their children. Girls and boys get their hair braided pretty much as soon as their hair is long enough. It sometimes seems the tightness of the braids or hairdo is directly related to how much you love your child. I learned this soon after I moved here and Nyah would come home from the babysitter, who was from down island, with her hair greased and in tight braids/rubber bands. Women on island constantly make suggestions of how I can fix both Nyah and Elsa's hair because I so often leave their hair down and natural because they have the most beautiful hair I have ever seen. I hope they always love it.    

So needless to say, I am thankful I know how to braid, especially when my daughter requires me to step up my hair game and get with her routine. Funny how things learned in life come back to be useful, even simple ones like braiding hair.

Off to school this morning.


  1. Great job Suzy! You are really good at braiding! Maybe some day you can teach me?! I can only imagine how special Nyah feels with her hair did and dress on. You are a great Mom! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. She is rocking those braids, sista. I love them. =]

  3. Thanks guys. I would love to teach you Ali, its really easy! You can practice on Nyah all you want! Love both my sistas!

  4. Ash Z...or should I say PriceSeptember 21, 2010 at 7:30 PM

    Suz, you have always known how to braid so well...remember when you braided my hair? Corn rows...LOL! Oh, and I love the blog. I must say I have been smiling for the last 10 or so minutes just reading through and looking at the beautiful pics. Just lovely!! Can't wait to see you soon!!

  5. Ha, thats what I am talking about. Who would have know I would have had a girl with curly hair who loves braids that would make me bring out my old skills! Those were the days! Thanks for the kind words, really appreciate it! Love you and can't wait to hang!


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