Wednesday, November 10

So Life Goes

I get so frustrated with myself because I can be such a predictable person at times. Inevitably, the moment my life get the least bit busy, all my creativity goes out the door. I first noticed this trait in myself after I started Nursing School and when I graduated from college and started working in a stressful hospital, all creativity was lost. Hard to believe I used to enjoy doing art, seems like another life. I know it will come back to me someday but for now this blog has been a nice creative outlet for me. But as expected, with work and other upcoming events (incase you forgot, can't wait to see you all)
Etsy TwoYellowShoes mind has been occupied and that has left me with nothing to write about and I don't want to post crap on here just for the sake of filling up space. 

Working two day a week, big deal you say. Yeah, I know, but just trying to find my groove. 

On another note, Elsa seems to really be enjoying her time with George's Aunt while we are at work. Here is what she looked like when George picked her up the other day.  I have mentioned this happening to Nyah in the past but here are some photos just so you all know what I am talking about.
I guess she couldn't stand the rubber bands either because she started walking around with this bucket on her head. I could be wrong but I think this girl might have a sense of humor.
I came home to a pile of rubber bands on the counter and we are still trying to get the grease out. Hilarious. Auntie Cline is also pretty adamant that get girls ears pierced, an issue that George and I couldn't care less about.

Despite the hairdos and talk of earrings, we are beyond thankful Elsa has a loving home to play in while we are away where she is loved to pieces. What more could we ask for?

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