Thursday, August 25

Elsa Update-Twenty Months

I have absolutely no clue what is going on over here. I think someone put something in our water because these kids are growing like weeds, again. Maybe it's because they are eating a lot of this. Not that I want them to be small forever but I am kind of having trouble keeping up with the rapid rate they are growing. 

When we came to Indiana, Elsa had a massive growth spurt and I had to swap her clothes for a new batch of Nyah's old clothes. The joy of being the second girl. Hand-me-downs for life. Then yesterday, I had to swap her clothes out yet again, let me remind you, only three months after the first swap. My petite girl is shooting up. 
I always get so sad to give away the old girl clothes that Nyah and Elsa wore. The clothes have been with us for so long and each item has my girls all over them. I enjoying giving them away but I am usually oddly attached to them and want to make sure that the new owner will love the clothes and care for them and cherish them as we have. But the dinginess usually shines and I am not sure if they ever get worn again. 

But giving away clothes always means we get to get out a new batch. Rekindling the flame with some of Ny's old clothes and remembering the awesome moments we shared together with those fabrics covering her always brings excitement and an occasional "Aww." I can't help but let myself imagine the new opportunities and adventures that await us when Elsa begins to fill the clothes with new life. 
And when these mass growth spurts come to town, the shoe thing always gets me. By the time I realize their shoes are getting a little tight (no, we don't reuse shoes) and I go to the shoe store, the store lady/man always makes me feel like the worst Momma because of course, the shoe size I predict they are is off by like oh, usually three sizes or so. Yeah. We don't shop much.
But Elsa is still the same yogurt loving, two finger sucking, curly haired little girl who is filled with constant happiness. Reading and jumping are still her things and recently she became pretty fond of trains. "All aboard!", is a frequently used term around here. She is learning to count and sing the ABC song and can run faster than me, curls bouncing the whole way. She calls giraffes "dolphins", loves her brother, bugs, shoes, and sneaking into bed with me in the middle of the night. Our special little cuddle time that I wouldn't trade for the world. 
Nap time with her "dolphin".
Here is two minutes of pure Elsa goodness for your viewing pleasure with a few extra "cookies" thrown in for Aunt Nikki.

So overall, I would say this Indiana summer has been pretty productive for Elsa in the growth department, I just hope Louisiana agrees with her as well. And let me just take this moment to say, God bless hand-me-downs, or we might be starving.

*Click HERE for an equally cute video of Nyah talking with my brother when she was around the same as Elsa. Sorry, Chris.

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