Friday, October 15

The Automobile Situation

The fancy thermometer in our rental car read 88 degrees yesterday. It was a balmy day. Days like that remind me why I am so thankful for fans. I felt like I was driving a race car down the pot hole filled streets of St. Croix in the compact rental car.  I haven't driven a car in a few years. Our family cruises in a truck, yeah buddy, which is currently being serviced. You might wonder why we don't just drive our other car. Well, the thing is, other car is a Jeep which doesn't have working seatbelts in the back or much of a top to shelter the kids from the wind, rain or flying objects.  These are the very reason I love driving the Jeep because to me driving the Jeep equals freedom, aka no kids in the back. 

I remember the days before Elsa came along when we would take Nyah for rides in the Jeep.  When we would start going fast her hair would fly in the wind like crazy. She finally got smart and would just cover her head with her blankie, for the entire trip. Funny sight when looking in the rear view. Poor kid.

Though it was nice having four doors and a trunk to shlep stuff in without it getting wet the past few days, I don't think a car fits our lifestyle.  

Nyah on the other hand is a definite fan of the car.  She entered school Wednesday morning and proudly announced first thing to her teacher and classmates as they were taking their shoes off that she, "Got a new car!". 

Every time Nyah got in the car she would raise the pitch of her voice and start raving about how she "loves our new car!". And then would frequently informed me during the drip that, "This is Nana's car". I am starting to get the idea that if something is nice or new, well then it must be Nana's or Nana must have bought it for her. 

I kept trying to explain that we had to give the thing back but I think she was just enjoying it while she could. I mean I let her eat in the car. Might seem pretty routine but this is a huge deal to us. We have very strict no food in the car rule. If the smallest crumb gets dropped in the  truck, the next morning there will be cockroaches crawling around feasting and George will be asking me why I let Nyah eat in the car, again. There is no way around this. I will get busted.  Disgusting I know, but that is just a fact of life when parking close to da bush and when living in a tropical climate. The bugs are vicious here. Believe me, I have learned this lesson the hard way. I was like a bad dream. But with the rental car, who cares, Nyah could eat and drop crumbs to her hearts content and Hertz could sort out the rest. I'm a horrible. 

When we returned the car last night Nyah cried. Hard.

She "doesn't want the truck anymore, she wants the car". She asked for the car again as we were getting in the truck for school this morning. I guess the car was just more her size.

Someday I am sure we will have to get a family type car but for now I am happy with the truck and kid free Jeep. Oh the things poor Nyah has to endure.

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