Monday, June 6

Crazy Lady

What have I been up to? Oh nothing, you know, just going obsessive compulsive on a few projects I have going around here. I am not the extremely crafty type, besides the little projects Nyah and I do, but lately I have been a fanatic. Over the top, gotta accomplish things. Now.
I have been working on painting this little flea market dresser for the girls, photos to come. Why isn't white good enough? Good question, possibly because I'm posessed.
I whipped up these applique shirts up yesterday. Hunched over, snipping the little letters out seemed to give me piece of mind, for some strange reason. My fingers still hurt.
This morning, I woke up and randomly went crazy organizing my mom's kitchen. It was time. The space just had to be organized and cleaned, right then and there. But of course, not without a little help from old school friend Jay Z bumpin' in the background.

I remember when I was prego with Nyah, I decided I needed to make a quilt and I did. I painted animal pictures for her room. Elsa was born in December so I got to get all of my mad woman craziness out on the Christmas decor and baking. The neighbors must have seriously had a sugar high for most of December.

I am learning a few things about my self and am realizing (since this my gajillionth baby) that this might just be my odd little way of nesting. I would do normal things like wash baby clothes and stuff but I am still waiting for the Postal Service to toss my boxes around a little more so they arrive to us in a nice ball shape. I am sure they have a few more weeks to go to achieve this shape. Thats okay, just happy our possessions are making the long journey here, as a few have trickled in. I have my fingers crossed baby boy's things arrive before delivery, which if my craftiness is indeed my unique version of nesting, could be sooner than later.

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