Thursday, August 11

Crafty Kids

Creating things with Nyah always puts a smile on my face.

I love her innocence and imagination when it comes to color. No one has robbed her of her creativity by informing her what colors things should be. She still lives by the whim of her paintbrush of what her hand grabs from in the Crayola box, her mind free. 
And on this particular day this how we kept Elsa occupied since she wasn't interest in the dough, except to eat it, of course. Bowls of split peas and a spoon equals hours (more like 30 minutes) of fun for Elsa spent transferring the peas from bowl to bowl. 
Love to see these girls hard at work.


  1. Just so you know, I need some really great Nyah and Elsa artwork to hang up in my apartment. The last thing I have from Ny is a picture she "colored" for me when she was 2. Just a thought though. =]


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