Sunday, May 1


We made a visit to the in laws house today and what can I say, we hit the mango jack pot. Their yard is plentiful in the food department to say the least where we pick stuff like this and this

If you can't tell by the numerous posts I've written about mangoes, I am pretty enthusiastic about these flavor packed fruits. I absolutely love them, not only for the joy they bring my little girl but because they are wonderfully tasty. Mother nature truly out did herself in the mango department. Sweet and juicy, like heaven for my taste buds. 

Being that I am not from the islands, like my husband, I am always in awe of these little treasures each season they bless us with their presence. I think George had his share of mangoes when he was young and had this perfect treat at his fingertips. Imagine, playing outside and rompin' with friends all day and then stopping in the backyard for a mango break. These island kids, spoiled I tell ya.  
Nyah eats a mango and then immediately asks for another. We are not sure how many mangoes one human girl can safely consume in a single sitting but we will soon find out. Her grandmother tells us, "Nyah a strong island woman, leave her alone and let her eat her mangoes." She hasn't got sick yet. This girl has nothing but love for her mangoes. I have actually never seen her adore a food more.

Mango salsa, mangoes from breakfast, mango smoothie, I even tried mango bread last year, its all wonderful. It's all wonderful. I am sure we will do it all again this season and the next and the next so stay tuned for many more mango posts, (or at least as long as we continue living the island dream). Oh yeah, and this reminds me, I want to try mango popsicles. Stay tuned.

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